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cal and archaeological documentation, respectively, of the medieval remains. Ancient samples were available thanks to the Museum, the Association Amigos del Museo de Priego de Co´rdoba, and local authorities of Priego de Co´rdoba. Antonio Alcala´ and the donors made the collection of modern DNA samples possible. We also acknowledge the unconditional support of Nils C. Sten- seth to the project. Ian Frame gave all his support to this research, and Eva Staalstrøm provided with A1B2 A2B1primers.

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List of populations, and related literature, included in the broad geographical areas for HVRI mtDNA compari- sons. Numbers at the beginning of lines indicate the size of the samples included in the analysis.

2622 Africa (AFR)

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1231 Near East (NE)

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¨¨ 75 Mergen H, Oner R, Oner C. 2004. Mitochondrial

DNA sequence variation in the Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey). J Genet 83:101–109.

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525 (33 Buk, 175 Geor, 131 Irak, 69 Syr, 117 Pal) Thomas MG, Weale ME, Jones AL, Richards M, Smith

American Journal of Physical Anthropology—DOI 10.1002/ajpa

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