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Writing and Motor Skills

Actors & Entertainers:

Harry Anderson

Fred Astaire

Harry Belafonte

George Burns

Enrico Caruso

Tom Cruise

Dave Foley

Harrison Ford

Danny Glover

Tracey Gold

Whoopi Goldberg

Susan Hampshire

Jay Leno

River Phoenix

Keanu Reeves.

Edward James Olmos

Jill Pages, Trapeze Artist

Oliver Reed.

Billy Bob Thornton.

Tom Smothers

Robin Williams

Henry Winkler

Loretta Young.

Artists, Designers, & Architects:

Ansel Adams, Photographer.

David Bailey, Photographer.

Leonardo da Vinci.

Ignacio Gomez, Muralist.

Pablo Picasso.

Robert Rauschenberg.

Auguste Rodin.

Bennett Strahan

Robert Toth

Jørn Utzon (architect, designed Sydney Opera house)

Andy Warhol.


Muhammad Ali, World Heavyweight Champion Boxer

Duncan Goodhew, Olympic Swimmer

Bruce Jenner, Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist

Magic Johnson

Greg Louganis

Bob May, golfer.

Diamond Dallas Page , World Wrestling Champion.

Steve Redgrave, Olympic Gold Medalist (rowing).

Nolan Ryan, Baseball Pitcher for the Texas Rangers.

Jackie Stewart, race car driver.

Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders:

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Enterprises

John T Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems

Henry Ford.

William Hewlett, Co-Founder, Hewlett-Packard

Craig McCaw, Telecommunications Visionary.

Paul J. Orfalea, founder of Kinko's.

Charles Schwab , Investor.

Ted Turner, President, Turner Broadcasting Systems

F.W. Woolworth


Robert Benton

Nicole Betancourt , Emmy-winning filmmaker

Walt Disney

Søren Kragh Jacobsen (Danish film director)

Trouble with writing or copying; pencil grip is unusual; handwriting varies or is illegible.

Clumsy, uncoordinated, poor at ball or team sports; difficulties with fine and/or gross motor skills and tasks; prone to motion-sickness.

Can be ambidextrous, and often confuses left/right, over/under.

Math and Time Management

Has difficulty telling time, managing time, learning sequenced information or tasks, or being on time.

Computing math shows dependence on finger counting and other tricks; knows answers, but can't do it on paper.

Can count, but has difficulty counting objects and dealing with money.

Can do arithmetic, but fails word problems; cannot grasp algebra or higher math.

Memory and Cognition

Excellent long-term memory for experiences, locations, and faces.

Poor memory for sequences, facts and information that has not been experienced.

Thinks primarily with images and feeling, not sounds or words (little internal dialogue).

Behavior, Health, Development and Personality

Extremely disorderly or compulsively orderly.

Can be class clown, trouble-maker, or too quiet.

Had unusually early or late developmental stages (talking, crawling, walking, tying shoes).

Prone to ear infections; sensitive to foods, additives, and chemical products.

Can be an extra deep or light sleeper; bedwetting beyond appropriate age.

Unusually high or low tolerance for pain.

Strong sense of justice; emotionally sensitive; strives for perfection.

Mistakes and symptoms increase dramatically with confusion, time pressure, emotional stress, or poor health.


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