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Concord Concord Naval Weapons Station: This land is owned by the Department of Defense, which has it in “mothball status,” meaning that they are holding the land in reserve and can reactivate it. Very restrictive uses are allowed and the terminal portion (on the water) is still in use. There has been no move by the Federal Government to open it up.

Cal State Hayward, Contra Costa County campus: The 384-acre key site on the left is the campus, which is about 25% developed. The campus offers upper division and graduate instruction at times convenient for working adults. The rest of the Planning Area, as well as the adjacent Planning Area to the east, is undeveloped.

County Bethel Island: Bethel Island is located in the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It is accessible by bridge and is surrounded by over 1,200 miles of waterways. The shores are lined with waterfront homes and marinas. Tourism, particularly fishing, plays a large role in the economy. There is also an eighteen hole championship golf course on the island. There are limits to development in this area, particularly because of environmental constraints (e.g. not much above sea- level). One unit per parcel is allowed in this “on-island area.” The Delta Coves Project of 500 residences was approved by a federal judge but nothing is currently happening.

Discovery Bay: This unique water-oriented community originated in 1970, when the Veronica Development Company sold deep-water lots for about $15,000. Those $15,000 lots have sold upwards of $200,000 in recent years. In 1978 Ken Hofmann bought the entire development. Starting with a nucleus of production homes and condominiums the development grew, bay by bay. The first "deep water" homes were built on Lido Bay. Willow Lake was expanded from the original upper lake, eventually covering approximately 72 acres. In 1984 ground was broken for the 18 hole golf course, a 400-acre project. In 1988 the final bays were opened in the southwest corner of the development, finishing off the approximately 2,000-acre project. In 1997 there were close to 4,000 residences in the community. There are concerns about flooding and the District levee system affords 3.4 feet of freeboard above a 100 year flood event. Off-Island Bonus Area: This area is in the 100-year flood plain and the soil, topography and (in)stability of the levee system are constraints to development. This area is below sea-level and subsiding, is prone to flooding, and is on the 100- year flood plain. There is a development project, Cypress Lakes, which is in the final approval phase. This project has been developing for about 10 years, through many different property owners. Currently, Shea Homes is proposing 1,330 single- family homes. In the early 1990s, there were other residential projects, which have either been withdrawn or have expired, including a 16-unit residential subdivision with a small commercial space.

Hercules Franklin Canyon: The City, along with the County, is developing a Specific Plan for this incorporated area. There are plans for a golf course, as well as a proposal for 577 units (32 multi-family and the rest single-family). There has been contention about developing this area, primarily concerned with open space issues and traffic through Refugio Valley. The project is still under review.

Hercules Waterfront: This area is generally known as the Hercules Properties Inc. (HPI) site. The Bixby Company LLC is acting as master developer for the property. There is a Waterfront District Master Plan for the City of Hercules that was adopted in July 2000. The intent of the Plan is to recognize and preserve the historic character of the existing 167-acre Hercules Powder Company town site while allowing reuse of existing structures and construction of new buildings. The Plan organizes development within its boundaries as a traditional neighborhood and several distinct mixed-use sub- districts. Neighborhood buildout is estimated at 207 units on 28 acres. There will also be various types of open space, including a trail, greenway and parks. Goals of the Plan include providing access along the Bay shoreline, a location of a commuter rail station, and a variety of offices, public spaces, mixed-use development.

Northshore/RFI/Bixby: This area adjacent to the Waterfront District includes a variety of development projects. The North Shore Business Park has been approved for development into a master planned research and development industrial park. The New Pacific Properties land was formerly owned by Pacific Refinery, which placed storage tanks, wastewater treatment ponds, detention basins, process units and piping and administrative offices in this area. The goal of the 206-acre New Pacific Properties Specific Plan is to transform the former refinery site into a planned residential community with parks, open space, trails, a public school and retail uses. There is potential for 763 single-family units, 117 multi-family units and either 65,000 square feet of retail or 50 additional single-family homes. The area is currently designated as Industrial and

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