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The aVeRage awaRd fRoM a legal Cl aIM Is $125,000.

expeRTs say MoRe ThaN 70 peRCeNT of all sTaIRwell s haVe aT leasT oNe defeCT.

sTaIRwell MaNageMeNT


The aVeRage CosT peR slIp/fall Cl aIM Is $14,000.

People are happiest when they feel safe. Especially those that rush from one level to the next, sometimes two stairs at a time. While often overlooked, proper stairwell design is critical in balancing safety with performance, and goes a long way toward realizing a long-term return.

According to a major liability insurance provider, slip/fall accidents account for 21 percent of the direct cost of disabling workplace injuries. That’s about $8 billion a year. And $3.5 billion of that is a result of falls to lower levels. Add in the costs of lost productivity, increased administrative time and legal fees. Plus just try to put a figure on the pain and suffering of the people. Lots of them.

Proper stairwell management can help minimize this risk while maximizing performance. Rather than interrupt the flow of a space, our rubber and vinyl stairwell solutions enhance them. Every component is designed to work with all other elements in the space. Allowing people to move safely and comfortably through the ups and downs of their day.

Choose from nosings, stringers, treads, risers and landing tile in an array of colors, patterns and textures. Even custom designs. Combine rubber and vinyl confidently, without sacrificing aesthetics, whenever cost is an issue. For added safety, ensure that all treads include contrasting strips that aid the visually impaired.

Safety equals happiness. Happiness equals productivity. Productivity equals profitability. That’s Balanced Choice.

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