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Based on exchange and observation of SALs during their meetings with participants, there were three conditions that triggered the invitation to parents to enter the PTP:

  • 1)

    if participants needed treatment based on the drug/alcohol assessment findings and there was a wait list,

  • 2)

    if parents were unwilling to proceed right away with the drug/alcohol assessment but willing to continue to meet with SALs to work on their concerns, and

  • 3)

    if parents were particularly high risk and needed frequent contact before entering treatment, even though the wait may be short.

The PTP was explained as a support resource and if parents were interested, they were asked to sign the Consent Form. If parents agreed to participate, they were given the SOCRATES (1996) to establish their baseline “problem recognition” and “taking steps” Stage of Change.

Then, any time participants attended a Pre-Treatment group and had individual contacts, they completed a new SOCRATES and the SAL used the SOCRATES Stage of Change score for measuring current “problem recognition” and the extent of “taking steps” to change. In addi- tion, a Weekly Goal Sheet, developed by the project and used to collaborate with parents on short-term goals for themselves, their children, and their families, also was completed at this first meeting and at each meeting thereafter. In Region I, if parents were accepted into treat- ment at the Port of Hope facility where the SAL had an office, they were introduced to poten- tial substance counselors at the facility to make a positive transition.

Completion of weekly goal sheets

The Weekly Goal Sheets were completed on an ongoing basis at most Pre-Treatment meetings for parents to set goals for themselves, their children, and their families. The goal sheets were intended to help parents, with the support of SALs, set obtainable goals based on their current Stage of Change and to encourage parents to focus on the needs of their children and their families, as well as themselves. The SALs used this activity at their discretion. The following is a sample of parents’ goals.

Parent Goals

  • Stay sober

  • Keep busy, boring is a trigger, apply for job @ salt water emporium

  • Walk every day

  • Shower regularly, every day or every other day

  • Rest hard

Child Goals

  • Get my kids back

  • Stay sober (for my child)

  • Have a great visit with my girls, share a bond, and make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible

  • See my kids every week

  • Have his birthday party, now that we are together again, because we were not allowed to be together for his 11th birthday

Idaho Pre-Treatment Program


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