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Chapter 5 Special Inspections & Testing Services



SICC-501.1 General. The Owner shall be responsible for retaining an independent Special inspections engineer of record (SIER) and an inspection and testing agency to provide special inspections, materials testing, and related services, including inspection and testing agency supervision, for review and approval by the CCBSD. Under no circumstances shall the General Contractor or any of the subcontractors be permitted to provide special inspections and testing services.

The SIER shall be an RDP retained by the Owner, independent of the contractors performing the work subject to special inspections, and approved by CCBSD to perform special inspections. The SIER is responsible for the work of the inspection and testing agency. The inspection and testing agency shall be independent of the contractors performing the work subject to special inspections, and approved by CCBSD to perform special inspections and materials testing required by the NCSBC and this SICC-2007. To be approved by CCBSD, an inspection and testing agency shall meet the requirements of ASTM E 329 and shall be accredited.

The GC shall coordinate the scheduling of special inspections with the SIER and maintain copies of all Daily Field Reports as well as Descrepancy Reports on site for Building Official review as needed.

SICC-501.2 Changes in construction team. In the event that the AR, SER, GER, GC, SIER, or the organizations or individuals contracted for special inspections or testing services are changed during the course of the work, the Owner shall notify CCBSD immediately. The Owner shall provide a written explanation for such change; shall identify and obtain County approval for the replacement organization or a replacement individual; and shall schedule a new meeting with CCBSD and the replacement organization or the replacement individual. The Owner shall ensure that there is a timely transfer of information and responsibility to the replacement party.

Change of AR, SER, GER or SIER requires approval by CCBSD. Change of GC requires notification to CCBSD, and a new building permit is required.


SICC-502.1 Special Inspection Engineer of Record. The SIER shall provide and certify special inspections of building components and testing of construction materials where such inspections and testing are required by the NCSBC, the SSI and this SICC-2007.

SICC-502.2 SIER Responsibilities. Prior to conducting special inspections and materials testing, the SIER shall be responsible for verification of the following:

  • A set of original County approved construction documents and revisions are available at the job site.

  • The SIER shall notify the CCBSD when commencement and completion of special inspections are being conducted for each building system/component identified on the SSI or Quality Assurance Plan. Notification of commencement will be in the form of a request for inspection via the IVR System or by contacting the County Permit Center and scheduling an inspection with appropriate permit number. Upon completion, the SIER shall submit a completion letter to CCBSD. The SIER shall also indicate the date of

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