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Chapter 5 Special Inspections & Testing Services

completion on the final report of special inspections.

  • After County review and approval of the SSI, the SIER shall submit to CCBSD one copy of resumes of all inspection and testing agency personnel assigned to the project, inspectors' certifications and accreditation certificates for laboratory facilities.

SICC-502.3 Deviations. The SIER and the SIER's representatives/field technicians shall not suggest direct or authorize the fabricator, erector or contractor to deviate from the contract documents or County approved construction documents, without the express written approval of the AR, SER, GER and CCBSD, as appropriate.

SICC-502.4 Special inspection reports. The SIER shall report the results of testing and inspections, both approvals and rejections, to CCBSD according to the following procedures:

  • Submissions. Daily field reports (see appendix A) of special inspection identifying inspection type, approvals or discrepancies shall be prepared by the SIER or SIER representatives for submission to the CCBSD and the GC, and to the AR, SER, and GER as appropriate. Deficiencies shall be reported to the GC for correction.

  • Seal and signature. Daily inspection reports shall be reviewed by the SIER and attached to a Monthly Engineer’s report (see appendix A), then submitted to CCBSD no later than the first week of the following month. The SIER shall submit all test report results to the CCBSD within seven working days of receipt.

  • Compliance. Unless deficiencies are discovered or code violations are revealed during the conduct of special inspection and testing services, special inspection and testing reports shall indicate that the specified work has been inspected and found to be in compliance with County approved documents.

  • Deficiencies. Deficiency reports shall contain the details describing the nature and specific location of the deficiency and include a description of the action recommended by the AR, SER and/or GER, as appropriate, to correct it.

  • Correction of deficiencies. At the completion of a project, all recorded problems or deficiencies shall be documented as having been corrected and approved by the AR, SER and/or GER, as appropriate.

  • Completion letters. Upon completion of special inspections and testing for a particular construction discipline, such as “structural steel”, the SIER shall submit a completion letter to CCBSD. The SIER shall also indicate the date of completion on the final report of special inspection. (See Appendix A).

  • Final report of special inspections. Upon completion of all special inspections and testing for the scope of special inspections applicable to the construction project, the SIER shall, after review and approval by the appropriate RDPs, submit a final report of special inspections to CCBSD for review and approval. This report shall also indicate the date of completion for each component or construction discipline that required special inspection. CCBSD approval is required prior to request for final building inspections by General Contractor (See Appendix A).

SICC-502.5 Code violations. In the event that the SIER and/or SIER personnel observe a condition during the conduct of special inspection and/or testing services that constitutes a violation of the NCSBC or County approved construction documents the SIER shall immediately notify the appropriate RDPs of record for resolution, followed with a written report submitted to CCBSD within seven working days.

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