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Chapter 6 Structural Steel

NCSBC-1704.3.3.2 Periodic monitoring. Monitoring of bolt installation for pretensioning is permitted to be performed on a periodic basis when using the turn-of-nut method with matchmarking techniques, the direct tension indicator method, or the alternate design fastener (twist-off bolt) method. Joints designated as snug tight need be inspected only on a periodic basis.

NCSBC-1704.3.3.3 Continuous monitoring. Monitoring of bolt installation for pretensioning using the calibrated wrench method or the turn-of-nut method without matchmarking shall be performed on a continuous basis.

SICC-604.3 Special Inspections for Seismic Resistance. The SIER shall inspect steel elements in accordance with NCSBC-1707.

NCSBC-1707.1 Special inspections for seismic resistance. Special inspection as specified in this section is required for the following, where required in Section 1704.1. Special inspections itemized in Sections 1707.2 through 1707.8 are required for the following: 1. The seismic-force- resisting systems in structures assigned to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F, as determined in Section 1616.

NCSBC-1707.2 Structural steel. Continuous special inspection for structural welding in accordance with AISC 341. Exceptions:

  • 1.

    Single-pass fillet welds not exceeding 5/16 inch (7.9 mm) in size.

  • 2.

    Floor and roof deck welding.

NCSBC-1707.4 Cold-formed steel framing. Periodic special inspections during welding operations of elements of the seismic- force-resisting system. Periodic special inspections for screw attachment, bolting, anchoring and other fastening of components within the seismic-force- resisting system, including struts, braces, and hold-downs.

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