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Chapter 11 Soils & Foundations

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    Subgrade. Subgrade for compatibility of bearing material and ground water conditions with the County approved soils report, prior to construction of footings and slabs.

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    Fill material. Fill material for compliance with County approved structural fill specifications, prior to, during, and following its placement in each lift, for structural fill 12 inches (3658 mm) or greater in total depth.

c. Compaction. Compaction process to determine that materials' quality and in-place density tests comply with the County approved specifications and geotechnical notes.

NCSBC-1704.7 Soils. The special inspections for existing site soil conditions, fill placement and load-bearing requirements shall follow Sections 1704.7.1 through 1704.7.3. The approved soils report, required by Section 1802.2, shall be used to determine compliance.

Exception: Special inspections not required during placement of fill less than 12 inches (305 mm) deep.

NCSBC-1704.7.1 Site preparation. Prior to placement of the prepared fill, the special inspector shall determine that the site has been prepared in accordance with the approved soils report.

NCSBC-1704.7.2 During fill placement. During placement and compaction of the fill material, the special inspector shall determine that the material being used and the maximum lift thickness comply with the approved report, as specified in Section 1803.4.

NCSBC-1704.7.3 Evaluation of in-place density. The special inspector shall determine, at the approved frequency, that the in-place dry density of the compacted fill complies with the approved report.

SICC-1104.2 Deep foundations. The SIER or GER shall perform special inspections of deep foundations to determine their in-place loadbearing capacity.

NCSBC-1704.8 Pile foundations. A special inspector shall be present when pile foundations are being installed and during tests. The special inspector shall make and submit to the building official records of the installation of each pile and results of load tests. Records shall include the cutoff and tip elevation of each pile relative to a permanent reference.

NCSBC-1704.9 Pier foundations. Special inspection is required for pier foundations for buildings assigned to Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F in accordance with Section 1616.3.

Special inspections shall include:

  • a.

    Piling. Special inspections as required by NCSBC-1704.8 and NCSBC-1808, NCSBC- 1809, NCSBC-1810, or NCSBC-1811 as appropriate, and shall include inspection of piles before, during, and after driving. Inspection reports shall contain an evaluation of the pile capacity based on driving resistance, and dynamic or static pile testing. Pile driving records shall be submitted to CCBSD prior to placement of pile caps.

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    Piers. Special inspections as required by NCSBC-1704.9 and NCSBC-1808 or NCSBC- 1812 as appropriate, and shall include concrete strength, steel reinforcement, orientation and shape of caissons, and bearing capacity at the base of the caisson. Inspection reports shall be submitted to CCBSD prior to the placement of grade beams.

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