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Chapter 1 Special Inspections Program

  • Owners retain the engineering firm they deem most qualified to respond to unforeseen circumstances, abide by the owner's construction schedule, and provide special inspection and testing services.

SICC-101.4 Purpose. The purpose of the SICC-2007 is to:

  • Clearly define the responsibility of all parties.

  • Standardize building code application and implementation.

  • Apply the Special Inspections Program uniformly throughout Catawba County.

The SICC-2007 has chapters and procedural outlines identifying the purpose, team members’ responsibilities, time requirements, and scope of various construction activities. The SICC-2007 applies throughout the life of the project, and a copy of the SICC-2007 shall be available at the job site from the time of the Catawba County Building Services Division (CCBSD) preconstruction meeting through final inspections prior to occupancy.

  • At the preconstruction meeting, parties to the meeting shall sign an acknowledgment of the Statement of Special Inspections (SSI) which identifies the special inspections requirements for the project.

  • The provisions of the SICC-2007 do not relieve any participant from the proper performance of work according to contracts, approved plans and specifications, compliance with the NCSBC building code requirements, and the applicable federal and state safety regulations.


SICC-102.1 Special inspections services. Under the Special Inspections Program, the Owner of a building (or the registered design professional in responsible charge acting as the owner’s agent) shall retain an independent NC registered design professional (RDP) to be the Special Inspections Engineer of Record (SIER). The SIER provides special inspection services as required herein, including oversight for the services of an inspection and testing agency which shall meet the requirements of ASTM E 329. Both the SIER and the inspection and testing agency shall be independent of the contractors performing the work requiring special inspections. The SIER and the inspection and testing agency are subject to County approval. The role of County staff is to confirm that the work of the SIER and the inspection and testing agency complies with the requirements of the Special Inspections Program.

The SIER (referred to as “special inspector” in the NCSBC) shall conduct special inspections in accordance with the requirements of the NCSBC. At the completion of the project, the SIER shall prepare a final report of special inspections for review and approval by the SER, AR and/or GER, as appropriate, which shall then be submitted to Catawba County Building Services Division (CCBSD) for review and approval, prior to final building inspection approval and issuance of a Certificate of Compliance.

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