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Appendix C General Contr actor Guide

  • Completion of Structural Steel Construction Section 605 SICC.

  • Completion of Precast Concrete Construction Section 805.

  • Completion of Wood Construction Section 905.

  • Completion of Masonry Construction Section 1005.

Framing/rough building inspections shall be made after the roof, excluding permanent roof covering, wall ceiling and floor framing is complete with appropriate blocking, bracing and fire stopping in place. The following items shall be in place and visible for inspection:

  • 1.


  • 2.

    Chimneys and vents;

  • 3.

    Flashing for roofs, chimneys and wall openings;

  • 4.

    Insulation baffles;

  • 5.

    All lintels that are required to be bolted to the framing for support shall not be covered by any

exterior or interior wall or ceiling finish material before approval. Work may continue without approval for lintels supported on masonry or concrete. (This inspection to be conducted after P, M & E roughs or all roughs may be scheduled at the same time.)

Request for Insulation Inspection. Insulation inspections shall be made after an approved building framing and rough-in inspection and after the permanent roof covering is installed, with all insulation and vapor retarders in place, but before any wall or ceiling covering is applied.

Request for Above Ceiling Inspections, for Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical subs.

  • Completion of Sprayed Fire Resistant Materials SICC 1404.

Request for Above Ceiling Inspections by GC.

  • Completion of Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Components SICC-1603 for items

above ceiling.

Request for Final Inspection. The following information shall be provided to the building official prior to requesting a final building inspection:

  • Completion of Earth Retention Systems Isolated from Building SICC 1205

  • Completion of EIFS Construction SICC 1305

  • Completion of Smoke Control Systems SICC1502

  • Completion of Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Components SICC 1603

Final inspections shall be made for each trade after completion of the work authorized under the technical codes.

Inspection Requests. It shall be the permit holder's duty or their agent to notify the code enforcement official when work is ready for inspection and to provide access to and means for inspection of the work for any inspections that are required by this code.

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