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Figure 14: model of a TV house company The competitive advantage of the company is not on a certain animation product, but for the recoganition of its

whole supply chain. It has expand the business of brand protection, character busienss, toy sales, and theme park by building up different partners, investing into the areas of production, toy development and children oriented programs (Figure 14).

The 11’x 100 Cartoon Serial Fuwa’s Olympic Travel is a good example to show how efficiently the company works as a collaborated network. The project was originally proposed by the Olymic committee, and they selected this company to lead the project. When it received the project, it was 2.5 years ahead of Beijing

Olymipic. In order to release the products as soon as possible, it operate in the following way:

  • -

    In conceputulisation and pre-production stage, get experts (play writing, character design) outside involves. These expertises are personal friends with Kaku director.

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    Make samples as soon as possible, and ask two different types of studio to do it – one traditional hand-paint, one 2D computer drawing.

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    Use the 2D computer drawing sample as benchmark to find 5 outsourcing companies. 4 of them have network and previous collaborative experience. 1 comes to the company directly, and show full passion of doing the project with qualified drawing skill.

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    Use 3D layout for stadium to save time and be accurate. This result in the collaboration with Crystal CG who are authorised by the Olympic committee to design the stadium e-model, and has the pictures in hand.

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    The mid-production begins along with pre-production, which means companies already start production without the whole play written. By doing so, time is saved. Also directors get feedback and experience, which can be used for the rest of production.

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    Co-operation between producers/directors and company producers/directors

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    Awarding system to encourage companies do quickly and of high quality.

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    The production plan and timeline is totally controlled. Computer-based technology save lots of time for mid-production.

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    Invite firm stars as sound cast during post-production. Because they know the importance of Olympic and want to show public image, everything is done efficiently.

Table 2 shows a comparison of traditional in-house production model with the company model by collaboration. By running network closely and collobarative under a clear common goal, the project is done successfully within 1.5 years.



In-house model

6 months



3 months

- 3 months


- 2 samples

Table 2: Comparison of in-house model and Kaku model


Mid-production 3-4 years

  • -

    1 year

  • -

    6 2D companies

  • -

    1 3D companies

Post-production 1 month 1 month

Publish etc. N/A Mid-production

4.5 Internationalisation

For most of Chinese animation companies, how to upgrade from outsourcing studios to OEM, and to enter


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