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Figure 3: Process of animation industry from country perspective

2.2 Animation industry in China

The Chinese animation industry can be traced back to 1941 when its first movie ‘princess iron fan’ was released. In the 1970s there was a blooming period of Chinese anmiation industry by adopting traditional art styles. However with the Chinese economic reform and open door policy, the previous anmiation companies mostly

SOEs face problems of self-financing. In the meanwhile increasingly more overseas foreign animations,

especially the Japanese, enter Chinese market with competitively low price and diversity of contents. The domastic animation industry in China declined greatly. Many are trapped by financial problems since there is no long funds from the government to produce animation movies, and turn into a outourced factory producing

animations for overseas companies. The capability of creating original animation products become limited in China .

From 2002, the Chinese government realised the importance of preserving national culture through animation industry. A series studies suggest China's tremendous market and its weak creativity, with over 80 percent of

profits generated from animation industry trapped into pockets of Japanese and Americans (2008 report). The government decided to promote domastic animation industry. In 2005, Chinese government issued series of

policies to support the animation industry. Private enterprises and foreign-funded companies swarmed into the area of animation production and animation industry clusters/bases throughout the country came into being. The total cartoon production for 2004 was only 29,000 minutes, while the market demand was 268,000 minutes, which left a gap of 230,000 minutes. In 2006 Shenzhen Culture Blue Book revealed China's revenue from animation industry hit RMB 11.7 billion, and the cartoon resource becomes more with rapid growth of annual

production (Figure 4). In 2007 the industry revenue was more than 200 billion, with the total production was


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