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fight for centuries on end in order to secure her legitimate right to a dignified independent existence within the concert of free nations. Through the very les- sons of its past, the Romanian people cannot be but solidly with all the peoples engaged in the struggle for liberty, against foreign domination, colonialism and neo-colonialism.

By expressing the Romanian nation's outlook on world and life through the Communist Party, which at present leads the entire people along the path of rapid progressive development, socialist Romania has been consistently promot- ing, in her international relations, the principles, proved true by historical devel- opment, of respect for national independence and sovereignty, of full equality of rights, of non-interference in internal affairs, of mutual profit, of not resorting to force or the threat with force. Fully corresponding to the objective requirements of social development, to the historical course, showing the increasingly strong wish of the peoples to lead a free sovereign life, to develop in freedom, in accor- dance with their interests, without any outside encroachment, these principles are meant to ensure the framework necessary for the free development of each na- tion and, at the same time, the increase of confidence and co-operation among peoples, the democratization of the relations between states, the setting up of a new international economical and political order. 8

The Romanian people's millenary fight against foreign domination and for national independence is, therefore, through its rich content and significance, a proof in itself in favour of making a better and more righteous world on our planet.


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