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Frederick B. Wiener, Civilians Under Military Justice (Chicago, 1967), 37-63, contains useful details of civilians tried in Canada by "court mar- tial" between 1759 and 1764, when military government ended, but be- cause the author is preoccupied with British practice the vital distinction between British military courts and French militia captains is obscured; see especially pp. 39-40.

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    Eccles, "Military Establishment," 17.

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    Burt, passim.

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    John E. Hare, "Le comportement de la paysannerie rurale et urbaine de la

région de Québec pendant l'occupation américaine 1775-1776", University of Ottawa Review, XLVII (1977), 145-150. This succinct article is based heavily on the investigation of the Quebec district parishes, published in the Rapport de l'archiviste de la province de Québec for 1927-1928 (Qué- bec, 1928), 431-499, which is amply confirmed by evidence from the rebel side.

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    Stanley J. and Barbara H. Stein, The Colonial Heritage of Latin America (New York, 1970), 86-106.

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    This account is based on Archer, and on Lyle N. McAlister, "The Reor- ganization of the Army of New Spain, 1763-1766," Hispanic American Historical Review, XXXIII (1953), 1-32, and The "Fuero Militar" in New Spain (Gainesville, Florida, 1957).

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    Israel, 136-269, tells the story for the seventeenth century.

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    Archer tells this story in detail.

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    McAlister, "Fuero Militar", 1-15. John J. Johnson, The Military and Soci-

ety in Latin America (Stanford, 1964), 13-23, stresses the wars of inde- pendence in creating "militarism".

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    This version of Mexican history from 1810 follows John Lynch, The Spanish-American Revolutions, 1808-1826 (New York, 1973), 294-330.

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    William Nelson, The American Tory (New York, 1959); Shy, People Nu- merous and Armed, 183-224, and "British Strategy for Pacifying the Southern Colonies, 1778-1781", The Southern Experience in the American Revolution, J.J. Crow and L.E. Tise (eds.) (Chapel Hill, North Carolina,

    • 1978)

      , 155-173.


E. James Ferguson, The Power of the Purse (Chapel Hill, North Carolina,

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