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On the French, see George F. G. Stanley, Canada's Soldiers 1604-1954; The Military History of an Unmilitary People (Toronto, 1954); William J. Eccles, The Canadian Frontier 1534-1760 (New York, 1969); and his pro- vocative "The Social, Economic, and Political Significance of the Military Establishment in New France", Canadian Historical Review (March 1971), 1-22. Reuben G. Thwaites, France in America, 1497-1763 (New York, 1905); Guy Fregault, Canada: The War of Conquest (Toronto, 1969); J. Mackay Hitsman, Safeguarding Canada, 1763-1871 (Toronto, 1968); Sylvester K. Stevens, et. al. editors, Travels in New France by J.C.B. (Har- risburg, 1941); and Richard Preston, "Military Influence on the Develop- ment of Canada", in Hector J. Massey, editor, The Canadian Military: A Profile (Toronto, 1972).


Richard Hofstadter and Michael Wallace, editors, American Violence: A Documentary History (New York, 1970); W. Eugene Hollon, Frontier Violence: Another Look (New York, 1974); and Wilcomb Washburn, The Governor and the Rebel; A History of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia (Chapel Hill, 1957); Sally Smith Booth, Seeds of Anger; Revolts in Amer- ica (New York, 1977).


See for example, Donald L. Boucher, "The Colonial Militia As a Social Institution: Salem, Massachusetts 1765-1775", Military Affairs (December 1973), 125-129.


On Weapons, Technology, and Economics, see for example Sidney B. Brinckerhoff and Pierce A. Chamberlain, Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America 1700-1821 (Harrisburg, 1972), Harry P. Davis, A For- gotten Heritage; The Story of a People and The Early American Rifle (Huntington, West Va., 1941); Martin Windrow and Gerry Embleton, Military Dress of North America 1665-1970 (New York, 1973); Felix Reichmann, "The Pennsylvania Rifle: A Social Interpretation of Changing Military Techniques", Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1945), 3-14; Rodney Hilton Brown, American Polearms 1526-1865 (New Milford, Ct., 1967); Robert Greenhalgh Albion, Forests and Sea Power; The Timber Problem of the Royal Navy 1652-1862 (Hamden, Ct., 1965 reprint); Milton M. Klein, "New York in the American Colonies; A New Look", New York History (April 1972), especially 153-154; Alan Colmes, "The Lyttleton Expedition of 1759: Military Failures and Financial Suc- cess", South Carolina Historical Magazine (January 1976), 10-33; and Harry D. Berg, "Economic Consequences of the French and Indian War For the Philadelphia Merchants", Pennsylvania History (July 1946), 185- 193.


Good use of local history records can be found in: Albert Manucy and

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