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Used Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Perform the following inspections within 14 days prior to the registration of a Used Vehicle Contract.

Check the boxes below:

  • I.


    • ODOMETER READING supported by the general condition of the vehicle.

    • OIL/FILTER - change oil and filter. ANY MODIFICATIONS ON THIS VEHICLE* (e.g., performance modifications, PCM chip, wheel or suspension modifications, etc.)

    • Yes...document the modification(s) on the repair order.

    • No

  • II.


    • ENGINE** block, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds, valve cover, seals, belts, vacuum lines, filters — check for cracks or leaks and correct. Examine engine for sludge - repair as needed.

    • ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS (OBD) has been checked and all trouble codes corrected.

    • CYLINDER BALANCE TEST must be performed on vehicles with 50,000 or more miles on the odometer prior to sale. If required, repairs are to be made prior to sale.

    • OIL LEAKS - check for and correct.


    • EMISSION SYSTEM - all components intact.

    • COOLANT is at the prescribed level and is not contaminated.

    • PRESSURE TEST COOLING SYSTEM to check/correct operation.

    • RADIATOR and cap, water pump, and hoses checked for cracks or leaks; clamps, fan operational.

    • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID** is at the prescribed level and free of contamination or discoloration.

    • POWER STEERING pump reservoir and gear box are at the prescribed fluid level and system shows no visual evidence of leaks (including hoses).

    • ELECTRICAL battery charge is at prescribed level. Cables are corrosion-free and properly secured. Starter and alternator operational.

    • AIR CONDITIONING - check and repair/replace compressor, clutch, evaporator, dryer and hoses, if required.

    • BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER at prescribed fluid level and shows no visual evidence of leaks.

  • III.


    • TRANSMISSION CASE checked for cracks and leaks.

    • TRANSMISSION FLUID** at prescribed level (also transfer case 4x4s) and no leaks. Transmission hydraulic pressures are within required standards.

    • GEAR LUBE at prescribed level for manual transmission and/or rear differential.

  • CV BOOTS are free from cracks or deterioration.

  • BRAKES AND CALIPERS have been checked. Pads and linings have been replaced, if worn below factory specifications.

  • WHEEL CYLINDER checked for leaks.

  • WHEEL BEARINGS - check for excessive play.

  • AXLE SEALS checked for leaks.

  • STRUTS not leaking or weak.

  • SUSPENSION SYSTEM (i.e., ball joints, tie rods, shock absorbers) checked for wear, looseness. Replace any worn or loose parts.

  • REAR AXLE FLUID** at prescribed level (also front axle on 4x4s) and housing is not leaking.

  • MUFFLER/TAILPIPE secure, airtight and operational.

  • FRAME/UNDERCARRIAGE checked for damage and/or corrected to standard.

  • TIRES/WHEELS checked and repaired/changed, if required.

    • IV.


  • ENGINE** shows no obvious signs of problems (i.e., excessive smoking, poor performance, etc.).

  • ENGINE OIL PRESSURE AND OPERATING TEMPERATURES are within normal range levels.

  • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION** is shifting smoothly and quietly.

  • STANDARD TRANSMISSION is shifting smoothly and quietly (also transfer case 4x4s).

  • VIBRATION in the driveline, if any, has been corrected.

  • UNUSUAL NOISES - conditions causing unusual noises in the engine, transmission, driveshaft, universal joints or rear axle have been corrected.

  • STEERING AND STEERING LINKAGE does not have excessive play, or noise.

  • AIR CONDITIONING cools appropriately.

  • INTERIOR EQUIPMENT controls and equipment operational.

      • wiper/washer clock/radio air conditioning horn

      • heater/defroster lights switches video system

  • ELECTRICAL - all grids on the heated backglass (if equipped) are operational.

  • PARKING BRAKE - check operation and warning indicator light, if equipped.

*Future failures related to a modification are subject to denial. ** Engine, transmission and drive axle must be the same original equipment specified for the vehicle to be eligible for ESP coverage provided by Ford Motor Company. Attach a copy of the interim repair order, indicating repairs performed on the vehicle prior to the sale.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ________________________________________________________

P&A Code


Repair Facility Name




City ________________________________________________________________



ZIP Code


Current Mileage


This is to certify that the above vehicle has been inspected and any necessary repairs have been made to qualify this vehicle for the used Extended Service Plan. To the best of my knowledge, this vehicle qualifies for the used Extended Service Plan coverage. Pre-existing conditions or repairs made on or before the enrollment date are not eligible for reimbursement. Failure to supply this completed form could result in a repair being denied. A copy of the interim repair order is attached, indicating repairs performed on the vehicle prior to the sale.

Dealer Signature




This checklist was completed based on a visual inspection of the specified components/systems. No representations, guarantees or warranties are made in connection with this inspection. For example, there are no representations, guarantees or warranties regarding the vehicle's merchantability or its factory-supplied materials or workmanship.

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Fax completed inspection form and a copy of the repair order to 630-566-4197

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