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in the design and implementation of distance education courses. The Program for Students with Disabilities Office shall be contacted for consultation regarding access issues. (See also the TEACH Act)

  • F.

    Library Support

    • 1.

      Use of Library Resources: Faculty shall be encouraged to incorporate the use of library resources in their distance education courses.

  • 2.

    Library Liaison: The University shall maintain a Distance Education Librarian Liaison to promote and coordinate library services, programs, agreements and policies/procedures for distance education students and faculty. These services are expected to include document delivery, electronic access to reference services, reserves, interlibrary loan, and a Web page that includes ready links to services and contacts and self-help modules.

  • 3.

    Usage Statistics: The University Library shall retain statistical information regarding library usage by distance education students, types of services requested and used, problems encountered, etc.

  • G.

    Independent Learning (Asynchronous) Courses

    • 1.

      Selection of Independent Learning Courses: Faculty may elect to offer A- synchronous distance education courses for off-campus clientele through the Independent Learning Program. These courses do not include on-load faculty course assignments serving on-campus students via on-line delivery (Distributed Courses).

  • 2.

    General Policy Context: Independent Learning asynchronous courses generally follow the policies outlined in this document and the specific procedures for the Independent Learning office. (See Distance Education Course Development, Review and Implementation Procedures, in Section II of this document).

  • 3.

    Students in Independent Learning courses have two enrollment options:

a) Graded Option.

This option allows an AU student to elect the “Graded” option at the time of enrollment, requiring the student to enroll in the course at the beginning of a semester, complete the Independent Learning (Asynchronous) course within the current semester, following all academic rules and regulations pertaining to on-campus course matriculation, and having the Independent Learning “Graded” option course grade calculated into the Auburn student’s GPA. This option is available only to admitted Auburn University students.

b) Extended Option.

This option is wherein the student (AU or non-AU) may enroll at any time and take up to nine months to complete the course. Successful completion generates degree-applicable college credit, but the grade earned in the Independent Learning course under the extended option does not affect an Auburn student’s GPA (Grade Point Average).

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    • a)

      AU Independent Learning students in the “graded” option shall follow 4

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