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Individual Courses Only

(Includes distance education course and Independent Learning Course procedures)

Courses Selected for Distance Education. Courses selected for distance education are departmental courses that are either part of an approved distance education credit degree program offered via departmental infrastructure for such courses or are individual credit courses selected by individual faculty members for offering through Auburn University’s Independent Learning Program. Distance education courses serve predominantly an off-campus clientele.

Redesign and Review. As part of Auburn University’s quality assurance process, courses intended for distribution via a distance education mode for the first time must be reconfigured for distance education delivery and reviewed by the appropriate academic groups. This guide provides information about the process of redesigning, reviewing and implementing distance education courses.

The Distance Learning Office provides consultation for course conversions and facilitates the review and approval processes. The office also works in a partnering relationship with Auburn faculty who choose to offer a course via the Independent Learning Program, which is managed by the Distance Learning Office.

  • I.

    Faculty Course Assignment

    • A)

      Credit Degree Program Courses: If the faculty member is to deliver a distance education course as part of an approved distance education degree program, the course assignment will be made by the department head.

    • B)

      Independent Learning Courses: If a faculty member wishes to offer an individual course via the Independent Learning Program, the faculty member first consults with the course designer in the Distance Learning Office to obtain information concerning design options and course project commitments. Then the faculty member clears the intended project with the academic department head.

  • II.

    Course Redesign Considerations for Distance Education

Once the faculty member has received the course assignment or approval to pursue an Independent Learning course project, the faculty member begins work on the course reconfiguration with the assistance of a distance learning specialist and other appropriate university staff as needed. Items considered in the reconfiguration of a course for distance education delivery for students away from campus include the following. This is not necessarily a linear thought process:

  • A)

    Complete, Detailed Syllabus: Provide details regarding the course, its requirements, number of credit hours, offering schedule, learning objectives, texts and other required materials, assignments, examinations, grading process, and any other special options and requirements. Provide name of the faculty for the course and information related to all pedagogical modes expected to be used.

  • B)

    Target Population Demographics: Provide information regarding the characteristics and expected number of enrollees of the population you expect to serve–who they are,


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