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These courses are graduate level courses (must be completed within the time frame of one semester) offered either synchronously or a-synchronously.

The Independent Learning Program


Course Characteristics: Independent Learning courses use a variety of delivery modes (print, audio/video cassette, CDs, WWW/Internet) to provide Auburn University courses taught by University faculty mainly for students off campus. Students may enroll at any time and take up to 9 months to complete a course for college credit. AU students may elect to complete a course within a semester so that the student’s grade in the Independent Learning course will impact the Grade Point Average. Independent Learning courses do not include courses offered online for on-campus students via on load assignments for Auburn faculty.


Target Audience: The primary audience for Independent Learning courses is non- traditional students who--due to job or family responsibilities--cannot attend a campus- based educational program. Additional audiences include Auburn students with scheduling problems, Auburn students away from campus for a term, adult students considering returning to college and who want to sample the work, students from other colleges who require a special course that they cannot find at their home institution, and individuals who wish to take a course for their own personal interest.


Role of the Distance Learning Office (DLOT): The Distance Learning Office is a development and logistics support office for a variety of distance education programs and courses. The office promotes distance education to the university community; provides design, development, and implementation support; and aids the university and departments in adjustments to accommodate and refine distance education courses and programs. DLOT manages the Independent Learning Program and supports faculty in the design, development, and implementation of independent learning courses, provides logistics support to the faculty and students, markets the courses, evaluates the courses with the faculty and students, pays for course costs and remunerates faculty for their efforts.


Faculty: Faculty who develop and offer independent learning courses are regular AU faculty or qualified adjuncts approved by the appropriate department head. An approved faculty member is always assigned to each offering, is responsible for the content and presentation of the course, and evaluates and directs the students enrolled in the course.


Course Development and Review: The fundamental process is outlined in Section II of this document.

Joint Development Projects: When a faculty member and the department wish to offer an online course to a significant number of campus students and to off-campus students simultaneously, the department and DLOT will conduct a joint effort for development and implementation to serve these two audiences. Development costs will be shared. Upon implementation, two separate sections of the course would be offered, an XXX0 section (faculty on-load assignment) for the department’s on-campus offering and an XXX4 or XXX3 section (faculty off-load assignment per Independent Learning procedures) for the Independent Learning Program’s offering for off-campus students. A variety of development and service provision situations can be negotiated between DLOT and the department/faculty.


Graduate Distance Education Courses



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