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b) Faculty Involvement

Provide information regarding the faculty commitment to this new delivery option and their relative readiness to offer this program.

c) Development

What faculty development activities have taken place or are planned.

d) Support

Detail the nature and level of program development, delivery, and maintenance support to be provided the program faculty and indicate what unit will provide that support. (The Distance Learning Office offers logistics support for distance education programs which do not have a fully-developed support infrastructure)

e) Reward and Remuneration

Describe your plans for faculty reward and remuneration for participation in this program.

  • IV.


    • a)


Provide information on the way in which this program will be supported administratively by detailing the tasks to be done (contracts, materials duplication and dissemination, telecommunications scheduling, financial management, marketing, etc.), who will do them, and estimate the impact these arrangements might have on other ongoing tasks.

b) Student Support

Describe the way in which student services will be provided (advising, registration, enrollment, course materials handling, examinations, problem handling, etc.)

V. Financial Aspects

(This information is not a part of the academic review process, but is required for a review of the proposed tuition rate)

a) Budget

Provide a detailed budget for this program on a yearly basis for a full Program cycle. Budget detail will include the following considerations: faculty development, personnel (program director, support staff, site facilitators, faculty effort), hardware/software, telecommunications, printing, supplies, travel, postage, production and reception facilities, equipment, course materials, special academic resources including library support, marketing, evaluations and assessments, etc. Consult with the Distance Learning Office to see if there are benefits to having that office provide some or all of the logistical support services. A modest contingency should be built into the estimated costs.


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