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The Independent Learning Program, coordinated by the Distance Learning and Outreach Technology Office (DLOT) provides a unique set of services for Auburn University faculty and departments which allow the offering of Auburn credit courses to a non-traditional student body in the convenient formats generally termed guided or independent study, including those that are mainly based in print or other media. This form assures that the faculty member and the department head generally understand the commitment that follows a faculty member’s decision to offer an Independent Learning (IL) course and understand the support that is provided by DLOT . This form must be completed prior to the initiation of an Independent Learning course development project.

I. Course Information


Course Number

Course Title

Number of Semester Hours

Offering Format:


Extended Option

(Offering Schedule: Fall

__ Spring__


__ )

___ Graded Option

(Offering Schedule: Fall

__ Spring__


__ )

Course Development Time Frame:

Begins on



, 20


with completion by ____________

, 20



II. Faculty Member Information

_____________________________ Telephone: Department: Name: ________________ College/School: ___________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ Campus Address: E-Mail: ________________________________

III. DLOT Responsibilities DLOT agrees to perform and offer the following in support of the course faculty and the students:

  • 1)

    Pay the Faculty Member a stipend for the development of an IL course. The stipend is paid upon university approval of the course and the initiation of student enrollment.

  • 2)

    Pay the Faculty Member a per enrolled student course completion stipend. This stipend is paid quarterly pro rata dependent on the percentage of course assignments completed and graded for each student.

  • 3)

    Recognize the Faculty Member as the Author of the course.

  • 4)

    Assure that the course materials will not be used in any other format or for any other purpose without the

expressed written consent of the Faculty Member.

  • 5)

    Provide the Faculty Member royalty-free license for the purpose of incorporating all or a portion of the developed materials in some other work that the Faculty Member may create (except in situations as described in Item 9 in Section IV).

  • 5)

    Provide full “wrap-around” services to the faculty member for this course–including instructional design, multimedia, marketing, and implementation support.

  • 6)

    Assure that in the event that the Faculty Member becomes disassociated from this course, DLOT will not continue to use the course materials with another faculty member without the written permission of the Author, the department head, and the new instructor.

  • 7)

    Provide student and faculty support services as is customary for the department and any additional services as negotiated in order to facilitate successful student matriculation.


Provide the Faculty Member adequate support to minimize the administrative burden of serving the non- traditional students.


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