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E   She is married with children

Male, Caucasian, divorced, widowed, separated, older age, poor health in the past 6 months, loss of job, presence of depression, schizophrenia, organic brain disease, and history of suicide attempt are some of the risk factors for suicide.

In general, suicide rates increase with age. In the men, the rates peak around age 45 then continue to rise slowly. Suicide rates for men over 75 are twice that for men aged 45-54. In women, suicide rates peak after age 55.

Men commit suicide three times more often than women. Women attempt suicide four times more often than men. Women are also more likely to ingest drugs than men.

Married individuals with children have the lowest suicide rates. Individuals who have never married have almost double the suicidal rates of married individuals. The highest suicide rates occur in previously married (especially divorced) men. As many as 70% of individuals who commit suicide have some active, usually chronic, illness.

Approximately 50% of patients who commit suicide have sought medical help within 1 month or less of their deaths, and 80% have seen their physicians within 6 months of their deaths.

Depression is present in over 50% of suicide victims. Patients with delusional depression are at the highest risk. Suicidal risk increases with depressed mood, especially if vegetative signs are present, as in this case. The risk will become even greater as she improves, and becomes more energetic. Indeed, if she decides to kill herself, her mood may improve remarkably. The fact that she is married and has other children gives an indication that she has family support to cope with the bereavement that has led to her depression. Along with therapeutic support, psychological support and the medications, this factor will make suicide less probable. However, like with any other patient suffering depression, she should be directly asked and probed about the possibility of suicide in her mind, and therapeutic support provided accordingly.

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