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yet the transmission is usually fine. Be sure to record fault codes and contact your local distributor to start the trouble-shooting process. Many of

glected. Checking for leaks and maintain- ing proper oil levels will always prolong the life of your transmission. Lubricants

these failures are electrical and can be

and change intervals can be found in the

corrected easily.

operator’s manual or on our website.

Lastly, the oil change intervals are lon- ger with a manual gearbox than they are with an automatic transmission. This does not mean a manual gearbox should be ne-

These cranes work hard for you, and you want them to continually work hard. Often a transmission goes down and the failure could have been prevented. z

mode the clutch is slipping. Excess rpm will cause clutch wear.

Maneuvering mode is critical when the crane is operating in soft soil. While in maneuvering mode you should not slam the accelerator thinking the engine needs to be at full power to get out of the mud. This will burn out the clutch and the crane will shut down. In maneuvering mode, 800 rpm is sufficient to move the largest cranes with the AS-Tronic out of the mud – pro- vided you are not so severely stuck that you need to be towed. We know because we have tried it ourselves! Any instruc- tion in this article about operation and maneuvering mode can be found in your operator’s manual or by simply calling an authorized on-highway ZF distributor.

Fault codes and oil changes

On occasion you might see some fault codes flashing, but don’t panic. All AS- Tronic transmissions run on the “Con- trolled Area Network” or CANbus. CAN- bus is the communication link between the engine, transmission, ABS system

and sometimes other components of the vehicle that are elec- tronically integrated to communicate with each other. With a CANbus failure the engine will automati- cally de-rate and ABS function shuts down to minimize damage, sometimes without warning the operator. Often the loss of power can be confused with transmission problems

Left to right: The transmission output to the clutch and sure plate along with air lines and diagnostic cables.


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