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Desmocoll adhesives

Adhesives based on Desmocoll are manufac- tured by simply dissolving the Desmocoll grade in suitable organic solvents. They have excellent adhesion to a large number of ma- terials and many even adhere to plasticized PVC. The resulting bonds have outstanding resistance to plasticizers. Adhesives based on Desmocoll, mostly in combination with Desmodur, are used principally in the footwear, packaging, automotive, furniture and leather industries and for DIY applica- tions.


Desmodur is the trade name for polyiso- cyanates.

Desmodur grades

Desmodur grades differ in their functionality and reactivity. They are supplied in both sol- ventborne and solvent-free forms.

Adhesives with Desmodur

Adhesives crosslinked with Desmodur are distinguished by outstanding bond strength and high heat stability. They have excellent resistance to oil, grease and solvents. Tried- and-tested Desmodur crosslinking agents considerably improve the adhesion of Baypren and Desmocoll to rubber materials. In addition, Desmodur is also used in the manufacture of one- and two-component polyurethane adhesives.


Desmomelt adhesive raw materials are lin- ear, heat-activatable polyurethanes with ter- minal hydroxyl groups in solvent-free, carrier- free form based on crystallizing polyester polyols and aromatic diisocyanates.

Desmomelt grades

Desmomelt is available in granule form for extrusion or direct coating or in powder form for scatter coating and paste dot coating ap- plications.

Desmomelt adhesives

Desmomelt granules are particularly suitable for the production of adhesive film and non- wovens or for direct coating by extrusion. Desmomelt powder has been developed for direct adhesive application by the scatter coating method. Desmomelt-based adhesive

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