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Internet Service Provider) and the Cheyenne River Gas Company.

“LTI was founded to create long term and meaningful jobs within the information technology industry. We recognize that the technology revolution is transforming the lives of people worldwide and that this transformation must include the Lakota people of the Cheyenne River Nation”, J.D. Williams, Executive Officer, Lakota Technologies, Inc.

Technology training begins for the Lakota Nation: The Cheyenne River Sioux reservation covers an area approximately the size of Connecticut.  There are nearly 12,000 tribal members, and unemployment on the reservation exceeds 60%.  Since the election of Chairman Greg Bourland nine years ago, the Tribe has made great progress establishing tribal business ventures as engines of economic development and preparing tribal members for the New Millennium.  

To prepare tribal members for this transformation, Chairman Bourland implemented a program whereby tribal schools on the reservation offer computer training in grades K-12.  The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe  entered into an arrangement with Cisco Systems to provide networking certification at the high school level.  The Tribal Community College and Technical School provide tribal high school graduates with opportunities to further their information technology education and experience.

Until formation of the alliance between CGS and LTI, it was very hard for these students to find work on the reservation.  Those who desired to pursue careers in the information technology field were required to relocate to urban centers such as Minneapolis and Denver to find good opportunities.  Under the CGS/LTI New Millennium alliance, this abundant labor pool of highly motivated, trainable, and productive people will be given opportunities to have a career working in the reservation where their families reside.  It is also anticipated that many tribal members who have relocated from the reservation to find meaningful work will return as new and better jobs are created in their homelands.

CGS/LTI New Millennium alliance providing training to the Lakota Nation:  CGS is providing mentoring services to help create jobs on the reservation.  Initially, these jobs will be to staff call centers, help desk, data entry, data conversion, document imaging, electronic document management and distance education operations. During July, ten employees of LTI will begin participating in a call center/help desk training and attendant certification program that will be conducted at a CGS call management center located in Dallas, Texas.  These ten people will be fully trained and ready for work by September, 2000. The Lakota trainees will in turn train others in new positions of leadership as operations of this type expand on the reservation.

‘Technology Village”:  State-of-the-Art” facility underway: Plans are underway to construct and equip a facility located on the reservation that will provide work for 150 tribal members, that will be located in an advanced, state-of-the-art Technology Center.  As operations on the reservation expand, tribal members will be offered opportunities to gain an education and get experience performing software engineering, applications development, web enabling and other information technology jobs.  As the demand for LTI information technology services increases, these facilities will be expanded as needed to accommodate the growth and support customer requirements.  The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe also anticipates the construction of a “Technology Village” where employees of LTI and their employees can reside in an

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