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maim or kill 15,000 to 20,000 civilians each year, 30 to 40 percent of which are children. There are still approximately 75 million land mines in 82 countries, and people in 25 of these countries have had no risk education about the mines. A land mine costs $3 to make and up to $1,000 to eliminate. Many of the mines are made to look like toys to entice children to pick them up. To find out how students can help, visit www.thatlandminething.org.

Roots and Shoots

Started by the Jane Goodall Institute, the Roots and Shoots program offers a variety of ways for students to make a difference in communities, in the environment, and for animals. Students can create a project of their own, start a new group or join an already established group, get a large variety of ideas from the Website, work at any level of funding, and have fun while doing any of it.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF's mission is to protect the rights of children, to help meet their basic needs, and to expand their opportunities. In 1989, world leaders set up a convention with the sole purpose of discussing children's rights. Out of this convention came a legally binding, international document, listing basic entitlements and freedoms, that governments should be obligated to uphold for the well-being of children. To learn what students can do, visit www.unicef.org and click on "Voices of Youth."

United Nations Millennium Campaign

A group of 189 world leaders made a promise at the 2000 UN Millennium Summit to give 0.7 percent of their gross national product (GNP) each year for 15 years in order to improve the living conditions of the world's poorest countries by the year 2015. These leaders agreed on 8 Millennium Development Goals: universal education, gender equity, child health, maternal health, environmental sustainability, global partnerships, ending hunger, and combating HIV/AIDS. An offshoot of this international campaign is the ONE Campaign in the U.S. It is led by an organization working to mobilize Americans to fight global poverty through government policy measures, such as debt cancellation, fair trade policies, and persuading the government to raise its contribution to 1 percent of the GNP. Ways to help can be found at www.endpoverty2015.org or www.one.org.

UN Refugee Campaign

Ninemillion.org is a UN Refugee Agency–led campaign to raise awareness and funds for education and sports programs for refugee children. Find out how just a little money goes a long way toward providing books, desks, latrines, solar lamps, teachers' salaries, and more for refugees.

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