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During the processing plant commissioning period of the bulk sampling program in 2004, Shore and Howe representatives developed security protocols that were designed to enhance the chain of custody and maintain the integrity of the sampling program, as a whole, from the extraction of kimberlite from underground to the shipment of diamond concentrate to SGS Lakefield Research Limited (“SGS Lakefield”), SGS Saskatoon and MSC for final diamond picking. Shore’s chain of custody and security protocols were designed around a three-lock system, requiring three individuals be present at the removal, transport and escort of all concentrate at all times. A video surveillance camera system was designed and installed in the process plant to follow the movement and processing of DMS concentrate from the DMS to the fenced-in recovery plant area. The video surveillance system was monitored 24 hours, seven days a week by Shore’s security. All security images were backed up for potential security reviews by a third party security auditor.

Howe and Shore developed security and chain of custody protocols for both surface core and LDD drilling and sample processing programs. In 2006, Shore reviewed its security procedures and modifications such as a new closed-circuit TV and access card systems were installed.

In October, 2006, a number of security system enhancements were implemented to heighten the overall site and process/recovery plant security measures. The enhancements to the security systems included the building of a security entrance building on the north side of the process/recovery plant. The attached plant security entrance building allowed for the monitoring of persons entering the process/recovery plant and a more effective search capability for those persons leaving the plant. The plant security building also included male and female changing facilities. All plant employees and authorized visitors were required to change into designated pocketless coveralls before entering the process/recovery facilities. The plant security entrance also housed the security control area, which allowed for a secure environment for the security officers to monitor all high risk areas, utilizing the digital video (CCTV) and door accesses recorded on the security management system.

A new main site access security building and security gate were constructed and placed in a location to afford tighter monitoring, recording and control of persons and vehicles accessing the main site. All vehicle parking was placed outside of the designated high security area, and only authorized vehicles were allowed entrance. All vehicles and persons leaving the designated high security areas were searched before being allowed to exit.

Enhanced security protocols were also implemented within the process/recovery plant operations area. These protocols defined the role of security officers working within the plant areas and ensured that security maintained the integrity of all personnel and protected company assets by monitoring and recording the work being performed. Dual accountability, which included a Shore security officer, was maintained at all times when employees could come in contact with any material in the processing stream. With the advent of security cameras in the recovery safe house proper, three-person accountability was maintained with the presence of one recovery operator or technician and one security officer. On entrance to the recovery safe house, personnel in the recovery safe house were subject to continual focused video monitoring by a second security officer from the security control room. All persons entering the recovery plant area and/or the recovery safe house were recorded on the security management system via proximity card readers which recorded dates and times. All recorded security video from the process/recovery plant was backed up and secured for reviews by a third party security auditor.

P&E Mining Consultants Inc. NI 43-101 Technical Report No 159 Shore Gold Inc. - Star Diamond Project Resource Estimate Update

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