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  • pass the material remaining from the previous step over an Eriez RE5-1 rare earth roll permanent magnetic separator and record the weight of the resultant para-magnetic and non-magnetic fractions. Diamonds report to the non-magnetic fraction;

  • hand sort the -4 +2 mm and -2 +1 mm non magnetic fractions for diamonds using a binocular microscope; and

  • all potential diamonds recovered to be confirmed by lab supervisor, then weighed, described, recorded in a diamond log and immediately locked in secure storage.

MSC has stated that the above method has been demonstrated to be effective and reliable in the recovery of diamonds through a series of tests run using natural diamond spikes on test sample material provided by Shore. Four independent tests achieved 100% recovery of spike diamonds in the size range -4 +2 mm.

The diamond summary reports provided by MSC conform to the CIM guidelines for the reporting of diamond exploration results (CIM, 2003) and, as such, MSC has provided Shore with the following sample result information:

diamond count: total number of mesh); diamond weight: total weight of mesh) basis; and diamond characteristics: crystal breakage.

diamonds recovered on a per sieve size (mm square

diamonds recovered on a per sieve size (mm square

habit, colour, resorption (percent preservation), and

As well MSC provided a summary table of the weights recorded at the various stages of the process on a per size fraction basis (underground or LDD sample). Such information included:

  • sample number; and

  • total weight of the magnetic, para-magnetic and non-magnetic fractions.

All relevant sample information was electronically entered into MSC’s Laboratory Data Management System.

Results from the grease table tailings audits (Table 13.1) completed by MSC indicate that the carats recovered in the audit process from underground batches on the Star Kimberlite added 1.4% to the total carat weight of the batches audited. Carats recovered in the audit process from LDD batches added 4.6% of the total carat weight.

Table 13.1: DMS grease tailings audit results from underground and LDD sample batches

Sample Type


Total Carats recovered in

Carats recovered


Batches (plant recovery)

in DMS Audit

on the Star Kimberlite






STAR UG Batches




677.3 622.11

Any diamonds recovered at this audit stage were reported separately by MSC. The diamond counts and total carat weight for each batch sample, however, have been incorporated into a merged diamond results database containing the results from MSC for final diamond grade reporting.

P&E Mining Consultants Inc. NI 43-101 Technical Report No 159 Shore Gold Inc. - Star Diamond Project Resource Estimate Update

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