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investigating the possibility of archiving the original drill log files on a secure server.

P&E has compared most of the data in the database to original data in the possession of P&E. No significant errors were discovered. P&E is of the opinion that the database is adequate for Resource Estimation and mine planning purposes.



Density determinations, utilizing segments of core samples for each kimberlite facies and waste rock were determined utilizing a water displacement method. The sample was weighed as received, wrapped in thin plastic wrap, weighed in water, the plastic wrap then removed, and the sample then dried at 230 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees Celsius) and weighed. The dry density was calculated as the dry mass divided by the difference between the dry mass and the mass of the sample suspended in water. This procedure is somewhat different than typical density determinations, where the sample is weighed as received, dried, weighed, sealed, and weighed while in water. The different order of the procedure is used because much of the kimberlite was friable and disaggregates when it dries.

Bulk density, as it is used in this Technical Report, is the density of the in-situ rock, including fracture porosity and other types of porosity. This procedure does not account for fracture porosity, which reduces the bulk density somewhat. Review of the core done previously by AMEC, Howe and P&E indicates that most fractures are tight, and that there is little open space in these rocks. Fracture porosity will thus have little impact on the bulk density. P&E is of the opinion that the density determined on rock samples at the Star Kimberlite adequately estimates the in-situ bulk density and that no adjustments are required to account for fracture porosity.

This procedure is commonly used in the industry and is, in many cases, the only method that works for friable samples. P&E observed the procedure and is of the opinion that the procedure is consistent with industry-standard procedures and that the data obtained are adequate for Resource Estimation.

P&E Mining Consultants Inc. NI 43-101 Technical Report No 159 Shore Gold Inc. - Star Diamond Project Resource Estimate Update

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