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Installation and Operation:

Installation should be made by mounting the flow divider vertically, with the cap of the unit at the top, either on top of a CDS-John Blue piston pump or remotely mounted on pipe. The FD-0610 and FD-1210 units have a 3/4” FPT inlet port, and the FD-2010 unit has a 1” FPT inlet port on the bottom of its body. Note: the blue plastic thread protectors should be removed at installation as they are not plugs.

Important note: If more than one flow divider is to be used with a single pump outlet, a spring balancing kit will be required to match the flow going through each flow divider. See page 4 and please call CDS-John Blue at 1-800-253-2583 for more information about the spring balancing kits or flow dividers with the kits already installed:

FD-0610-ADJ, FD-1210-ADJ, and FD-2010-ADJ

Each 1/4" FPT outlet port is to be connected to an applicator tube line. It is recommended that the length of the tubes be approximately equal to maximize accuracy. At a minimum, the shortest line length should be at least ½ the length of the longest line. It is also important that the lines have equal height drops at each row, and that the excess hose is coiled up lying flat (horizontal).

If all of the ports are not required, simply plug the unused ports with ¼” poly or stainless pipe plugs. Evenly space the plugged ports around the unit to maximize accuracy.

It is strongly recommended that you use 1 psi max. cracking pressure check valves near the end of each line for maximum accuracy. We recommend the CV-1101-xx check valves, which are available with both NPT and push-connect fitting ends. They are an accurate ball-type check and are cleanable in the field.

The flow divider eliminates the need for orifices in the applicator hose lines, and it is important that any orifices previously used in the system be removed to allow the flow divider to operate at maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Cleaning and Storage:

The flow divider is recommended for use with CDS-John Blue Company piston pumps. The flow divider will automatically adjust for varying application rates and will evenly distribute an equal amount of liquid to each output flow port. The flow divider is self-cleaning of debris, however if large debris should enter the unit, it may be cleaned by simply removing the four screws retaining the cap, and then removing the cap, spring, seal, and needle. Use a soft cloth to clean the needle and body and re-assemble the unit in the reverse order, using anti-seize on the screw threads.

After use, the unit should be flushed out with a solution that will neutralize the product that was last used in it, and then it should be filled with RV anti-freeze and capped to avoid port clogging and/or a stuck needle.

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