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Dealings will be undertaken by mail, telephone, or as otherwise mutually agreed.

4.  FORMAL DISCUSSIONS: The Union shall be provided an opportunity to be present at any formal discussions between Management and an employee(s) concerning any grievance, personnel policy or practices or other general condition of employment.

5.  OFFICIAL TIME: Official Time will be granted in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 7131.  

a.  The following Union officials shall be granted a reasonable amount of official time to perform representational and contract administration functions:

(1) President

(2) Secretary/Treasurer

(3) One VicePresident at each Regional Agency and one for headquarters

(4) One Steward at each agency/location where there are less than 40 bargaining unit

employees; two stewards at each agency/location where there are 40 to 80 employees; and three stewards at each agency/location where there are more than 80 employees.

(5) Unit employees appointed to represent the Union to dis­cuss or negotiate with the Employer in a joint meeting.

b.  Reasonable time for representational and contract administration functions must necessarily depend on the facts and circumstances of each case, e.g., number and nature of allegations, number and complexity of supporting specifics, the volume of supporting evidence, availability of documents and witnesses and similar considerations.  To that end, except for the Union President, reasonable time is presumed to be up to 15% of duty time during any week as requested and approved.  Any additional time as needed will be approved on a case by case basis by the Regional or office Director.  The decision to approve additional time will depend on the facts and circumstances of each case. Any Union official may request a two hour block of time per week for representational purposes.  The two hour block will count against the alloted amount for the week.  All requests for representational time will be made in advance.

c.  The Union President will be granted 60% duty time for representational functions including, but not limited to, handling complaints, contract administration, assisting representatives with representational issues, and appropriate legislative functions.  

d.  Thirty-two (32) hours of official time will be provided annually to the Secretary/Treasurer for preparation of information reports required under 5 USC 7120 (c), including financial reports and trusteeship reports.  The Secretary/Treasurer will be granted official time for actual time spent communicating and transmitting dues withholding issues to the Personnel Office, or other designated management official.  No official time is authorized for the processing or batching of dues withholding forms.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall also be entitled to up to 2 hours per week for time approved and actually used for representation purposes, subject to conditions in this article.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall also receive official time in accordance with the subsection above when serving as Local 1998 President.

e.  In addition to the above, Union officials will be granted reasonable amounts of official time to attend Employer initiated meetings.  Official time will not be authorized for the performance of internal Union business, which includes soliciting membership, election of officers, and collection of dues.

6.  PROCEDURE FOR OFFICIAL TIME: The representative will consult his/her supervisor to obtain concurrence for official time usage.  The representative will provide the approximate amount of official time that will be needed, a telephone number where the representative may be contacted and a general description of the duties (e.g. employee complaints, ULP investigations). If the representative requires more official time than originally approved by the supervisor, he/she will contact the supervisor to obtain additional time.


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