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Normally a representative will be released unless work conditions require his/her presence on the job.  When release cannot be accomplished immediately, the representative will be released as soon as possible and the representative will be notified by the supervisor of approximately when that time will occur.  If a visit to a bargaining unit employee is required, the representative must consult with and obtain concurrence from the supervisor of the employee on the proposed time before the visit.

The representative will inform his/her supervisor upon return to his/her official duties. If the supervisor is absent, the representative will leave a note documenting the time of return.

All Union representatives shall document their use of official time in the same manner as their work output is accounted.  Employees who use official time but do not have a regular work output form for accountability shall record official time on the official time charge form.

Bargaining unit members who are conferring with recognized Union officials will be granted official time on the same basis that the Union official has requested official time.

The Policy and Procedures of this Article on the use of official time must be used by employees who are engaging in self representation.

7.  INTERNAL UNION BUSINESS: Internal Union business (solicitation of Union membership, election of Union officials or collection of dues) will be conducted during the nonwork time of the employees involved. Upon request and subject to normal security limitations, the Union will be granted authority at each agency to conduct two (2) membership drives of up to fifteen (15) days each per year, before and after work hours and during scheduled break periods and lunch periods.  The agency will provide tables and easels at convenient locations for the use of the Union drive.

8.  FREEDOM FROM RESTRAINT:  There shall be no restraint, coercion or discrimination against any Union official because of the performance of duties in consonance with this Agreement and the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, or against any employee for filing a complaint or acting as a witness under this Agreement, the aforementioned Act, or applicable regulations.

9.  The Employer agrees to keep the Union informed about proposed changes to employee benefit programs and new proposals, such as family leave, subsidized childcare, and transit vouchers.  Periodic updates will include information on the progress of development and proposed deployment timeframes.


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