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1.  SPACE:

a. The Employer agrees to provide one desk or workstation per office for use by Union representatives who have not been assigned a permanent desk.  The Employer agrees to provide the Union President sole use equipment as needed, including a telephone with voice mail, where available, and a computer with e-mail and a separate e-mail address. A sole use office for the Union President will be provided where available.

b.  The Employer shall identify existing and available bar lock cabinets. In agencies where available cabinets exist, the Employer will provide the designated representative one cabinet with a minimum of two drawers. In Agencies where no existing cabinets are available, and there is a designated representative, the Employer shall provide a two drawer cabinet. In both cases the Employer and designated Union representative shall work together to identify a mutually agreeable location for cabinet placement.

c.  On a space available basis, the Employer will provide the Union with space for Union meetings of bargaining unit members who are in a nonduty status. Requests for use of space for meetings must be initiated in advance.  Normally the Union will provide two (2) days notice prior to the meeting so that the availability of the space may be determined. This space will be provided at a time when security requirements would not cause additional managerial hours to be worked, or when additional costs would not be incurred. When security requirements conflict, an alternate time or location for the meeting will be established.

d.  The Employer acknowledges that it is desirable for the Union representative to have access to space which is reasonably private to conduct meetings with employees and conduct other required representational duties. Where the employer has such space available, it will be made available to the representative to the extent feasible. Depending upon the situation this space may be assigned indefinitely or temporarily.

e.  The Union understands that the Employer has the right to preempt for their use space previously provided to or reserved by the Union. When the Employer determines the need to relocate or temporarily preempt for its own use space previously used or reserved by the Union, the Employer's representative and the appropriate Union official will negotiate on the change, attempting alternative arrangements to provide not less than the previous amount of space.

f.  The union will comply with all Employer security and GSA buildings management regulations with respect to its use of any facilities.

g.  The Union agrees to exercise reasonable care in using such space, and will leave it in a clean and orderly condition. The Union understands that its failure to leave space in a clean and orderly condition would be cause for a suspension or termination of this privilege.

h.  The employer will notify the union prior to undertaking any moves of more than one bargaining unit employee. The union may request negotiations as appropriate.


a.  The Employer will permit Union representatives to use computers and printers.  Such use is authorized as long as only small amounts of paper are involved and as long as the use does not interfere with official government business.  The Union must supply the paper if more than small amounts of paper will be used.

b.  E-mail and the Passport Services Intranet may be used by Union representatives for representational and other Union purposes, excluding collection of dues and election of officers.

3.  USE OF TELEPHONE SERVICE: A Union official may use the Agency telephone for communication of representational matters.  Calls made or received during work hours will be on official time.  Those calls over 5 minutes shall be arranged in accordance with Article 7, Section 6 and shall be


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