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1.  The Employer agrees to continue to deduct Union dues from the pay of bargaining unit employees who voluntarily request such deductions, and who are members in good standing in the Union.

2.  Any employee desiring to have Union dues deducted from pay may complete and sign the appropriate portions of Standard Form 1187, "Request and Authorization for Voluntary Allotment of Compensation for Payment of Employee Organization Dues."  Section A of the form will be completed and certified by the Treasurer of the Union or other designee(s), who will forward or deliver it to the Personnel office of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Department of State, where it will be certified by the Personnel Officer if the employee is eligible next full pay period following receipt by the Payroll Office of Standard Form 1187.  The Employer will maintain a copy of the SF1187 for one year.  If a request for allotment is denied, the Employer will immediately advise the Union Treasurer in writing of the reason for denial.  

3.  The President or other authorized officer of the Local shall notify the Personnel Office of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Department of State, when the local dues structure changes.

4.  Authorized deductions will be made each biweekly pay period from the pay of an employee who has requested such allotment. It is understood that no deduction will be made in any period for which the employee's net earnings after other deductions are insufficient to cover the full amount of the allotment for dues.


a.  A check for the aggregate biweekly authorized deduction will be transmitted to the National Union's Secretary Treasurer on behalf of Local 1998.  The following information will be submitted to the National office at the time of the bi-weekly transmittal: name of each employee for whom a deduction is made and the gross amount deducted and remitted to the National Union.

b.  The Employer will provide to the Local Secretary-Treasurer a quarterly listing of employees for whom dues were deducted, showing the gross amount deducted.

6.  No fee will be charged an employee or the Union for services rendered in connection with the deduction.

7.  A Union member may revoke his/her allotment for Union dues by submitting to the Bureau of Consular Affairs Personnel office a completed and signed Standard Form 1188. Other written notification of revocation signed and dated in duplicate by the member will also be accepted. A revocation received by the Bureau of Consular Affairs Personnel Office during the course of the employee's first year of dues allotment will become effective on the first anniversary of the signing of the SF1187. Any subsequent revocation will normally take effect within two (2) full pay periods after March 1st of any calendar year, provided that revocation has been received in the Payroll Office prior to that date. The Department will provide the Secretary/Treasurer with a copy of the Standard Form 1188 or revocation document submitted in lieu thereof.

8.  All deductions of Union dues provided for in this Article shall be automatically terminated in the event of loss of exclusive recognition, or upon termination of the obligation to withhold dues under this Agreement. Any individual allotment for dues withholding shall be automatically terminated upon the separation or transfer of the employee from the unit, or when an employee has been suspended or expelled from the Union. The Employer will notify the Union on a bimonthly basis when there is an interruption in the dues withholding status of bargaining unit employees.

9.  The Union will give prompt written notice to the Bureau of Consular Affairs Personnel Office in the event an employee having Union dues deducted ceases to be a member in good standing, in order that the Department may terminate his/her allotment for dues.


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