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1.  While it is expected that personnel be qualified to perform their duties as a prerequisite to employment, the Parties recognize the need for additional training to maintain the competency of the work force. The Parties agree that the function of training is to assure the optimum use of human resources in fulfilling organizational requirements, and that any training will be in accordance with applicable law and OPM regulations. In conjunction with these requirements, the Employer will, as funds permit, provide training to improve employee efficiency and to assist employees affected by a reductioninforce, or reorganization. In developing such training, the Employer agrees to consider the views of the Union.

2.  EXPENSES:  The Employer may pay approved and authorized expenses in connection with approved training requests, and employees may be granted time to attend training sessions. An employee desiring to enroll in a nonGovernment facility shall submit a completed training request via the supervisor at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of registration; and the Employer shall respond to the request. If the Employer does not respond prior to the registration date, and the employee enrolls at his/her own initiative, the Employer will not be obligated to pay any of the expenses.

3.  The Employer agrees to provide to employees, upon request, available information concerning government sponsored training programs in the vicinity of their duty stations.

4. The Employer agrees to provide training opportunities on an impartial basis.

5.  If the Employer assigns training duties to an employee, this assignment will be given appropriate consideration in the employee's performance appraisal. The Union will encourage employees to review their personnel folders to ensure that training achievements are properly recorded.

6. The Employer agrees to place records of completed training courses in the employee's official personnel folder when the employee provides the necessary documentation to the Employer.

7. The Parties agree that appropriate training courses, seminars, conferences and meetings shall be scheduled, whenever possible, during work hours to allow the employees the opportunity to gain information, education and training.

8.  Changes to the Foreign Service Institute Passport Examiners Correspondence Course will be shared with the Union prior to implementation, with sufficient time provided to respond.  

9. The Employer will provide confidential survey forms that employees may submit to management to comment on the effectiveness of any training received.  These forms will not be used in lieu of any evaluation forms the Foreign Service Institute may require.  


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