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1.  Each employee is entitled to a complete and accurate position description. The position description shall be reviewed by the employee and the work supervisor to ensure accuracy. Employees will be provided a copy of their position description upon entering on duty, and whenever the position description is changed. Any employee in the unit who feels that he/she is performing duties outside the scope of his/her position description, and believes that they should be incorporated, may request, through the immediate supervisor, that the position be reviewed by the next level supervisor. In conducting such a review, the next level supervisor will consider the employee's written or oral comments, and advise the employee of the findings.  If the employee is not satisfied with the review, he/she may file a grievance alleging the content of the position description is inaccurate.  A classification appeal is the proper approach if the series, title, or grade is at contention.

2.  AGENCY COMPLAINTS AND APPEALS:  An employee in the unit may appeal the classification of his/her position at any time, as follows:

a.  Employees may appeal to the Department; through the Department to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM); or directly to the OPM. Any direct appeal to OPM eliminates the Department as an appeals channel.

b.  Employees who have been downgraded as a result of a reductioninforce or a reclassification may appeal the classification of their new position as noted in subsection (a) above.

c.  An employee who files a classification appeal with the Department pursuant to this Section shall receive an agency decision within sixty (60) days from the date the appeal is received in the Office of Position and Pay Management (PER/PPM).

d.  In accordance with applicable regulations, the Parties agree that employees have no right to have a representative present at the desk audit. However, it is recognized that employees have the right to representation during any other phase of the appeals procedure.

e.  Employees, or their representative, will be provided, upon request, a copy of the classification appeal file.

3.  The Employer will provide the Union with copies of new position classification standards affecting unit positions and give the Union an opportunity to negotiate as appropriate prior to implementation.  

4.  DOWNGRADINGS:  Saved grade and saved pay rights, where applicable, shall be afforded to an employee who is placed in a lower grade as a result of a RIF or reclassification, even if he/she declines a valid offer outside the competitive area.

5.  Where the statement “performs other duties as assigned” is made in a position description, the parties acknowledge that employees may be assigned to duties other than those in the position description of their grade and series, but the duties will not be of a permanent nature and will be related to the employee’s assigned position.


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