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f.  Any employee who has a complaint, for which the only basis is that he/she was not selected from a group of properly ranked and certified candidates, does not have a valid grievance.


a.  Any employee, upon being assigned to a career ladder position, will be given a position description as required by section 1 of Article 14. The Employer will make available for employee reference, position descriptions and performance plans for all bargaining unit positions in the office.  The plans indicate the level of performance expected of an employee at the next grade level. The time-in-grade requirement for a two grade career ladder position is one year.

b.  While it is the employee who is responsible for demonstrating ability to satisfactorily perform at the next higher level, the Employer will make a reasonable effort to assist employees who have not yet reached the full-performance level of a career ladder position.  The employee’s  readiness to be promoted will be addressed during the job performance discussions held under Article 18. Supervisors may also make such assessments at any other time during the year.

(1)  For an employee who does not yet have the required time-in-grade, during the job performance discussion a date will be established for the supervisor and the employee to discuss what area(s), if any, the employee need to improve in order to be promoted.  That date will be at least 90 days before the date the employee reaches his/her time-in-grade eligibility for promotion.

(2)  An employee who has the required time-in-grade, but has not yet demonstrated the ability to satisfactorily perform in all elements at the higher level, would have been informed of the area(s) that must be improved in order to be promoted by the supervisor during the job performance discussions stated above.  Employees who have at least 18 months time-in-grade may request and receive in writing a list of areas to be improved in order to be promoted.

(3)  Although paperwork is the first responsibility of the supervisor, employees should ask their supervisors at least 2 pay periods prior to the date the promotion is due as to whether the paperwork has been submitted.  The employee will be provided a copy of the recommendation for promotion when it is submitted.  

c.  If the employee is making progress, the supervisor will make a serious effort for the employee to have the opportunity to acquire pertinent skills and knowledge and to demonstrate performance that consistently meets promotion requirements as soon as is feasible.  At the request of the employee, the Union may provide assistance.  The employee may request a progress discussion at any time.

d. When an employee is rated fully successful or higher, has required time-in-grade for promotion and has demonstrated ability to perform satisfactorily at the next higher level in the career ladder, the supervisor will promptly recommend promotion. The promotion will be effective within two pay periods after these requirements have been met.  In the event the processing is not timely after receipt in CA/EX/HRD, the promotion will be retroactive to meet the timeframe above.

e.  Generally, if the employee is exceeding all work requirements at his/her current grade level, that is an indication that the employee is capable of performing at the higher grade level.  Employees who have met the required time-in-grade for promotion from GS-5 to GS-7 and from GS-7 to GS-9 will automatically receive their promotions at the earliest eligibility date if they have obtained an Excellent or Outstanding overall performance rating at their current grade level.

8.  DEMOTION:  If the Employer proposes to demote an employee(s) without personal cause due to reclassification or reduction in force and not at his/her own request, the Employer will notify the Union and give the Union and opportunity to negotiate as appropriate prior to taking such action.  



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