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a.  Manner:  In the interest of effective employee utilization, details to positions or work assignments requiring higher or different skills will be based upon bona fide needs and will be consonant with the spirit and intent of this Article, applicable regula­tions and the merit system. Details may be used to meet emergencies or other situations such as occasioned by abnormal workload, changes in mission or organization, or absences of personnel.

b.  Official Credit:  Details in excess of thirty (30) consecutive days shall be recorded in the employee's Official Personnel File, and copies forwarded to the employee. Any detail may be recorded by memo to the employee’s Official Personnel File at the request of the employee.

c.  Intent:  The detail procedure shall not become a device to afford certain individuals an undue opportunity to gain qualifying experience or to prevent others from gaining such experience. Therefore, details shall be rotated to the fullest extent practicable consistent with the accomplishment of the mission of the Employer.

10. TEMPORARY PROMOTION:  If an employee is detailed to a higher graded position, the employee will be paid at the higher grade if:

a. the employee meets the basic qualifications of the position;

b. the employee is performing at an acceptable level of competence in his/her permanent position; and

c. the employee’s detail is in excess of 30 days.

11. REASSIGNMENT: A reassignment is a change of an employee from a job with one position description to a job with another position description without a promotion or demotion, while serving continuously with the Employer. Employees reassigned to another position description at the same grade level shall be notified as soon as possible prior to the reassignment.  If an employee is involuntarily reassigned, the Employer will explain the reasons why that particular employee must be reassigned versus other employees.


a.  When a new work location or subunit is established within Passport Services that is to be staffed by bargaining unit employees, and the Employer determines to fill bargaining unit positions by transferring unit employees from another Passport location, the Employer will transfer qualified volunteers prior to involuntarily transferring employees.  Where an employee must be involuntarily transferred, the Employer will conduct an adverse action using RIF procedures; the use of service computation dates (SCD) would be used, with the employee having the lowest SCD being reassigned.

b.  Transfers shall not be used coercively or as a reprisal, and shall not be approved or denied for any discriminatory reason.


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