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1.  The Department of State Upward Mobility program is designed to:

a.  Comply with the law, and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulations;

b.  Adhere to merit principles;

c.  Provide equal opportunity for advancement of Civil Service career and career conditional employees in grades GS9 and below, or equivalent; and

d.  Give underutilized or underdeveloped employees with high potential the opportunity to utilize their skills and abilities.

2.  The Employer in conjunction with the Upward Mobility Coordinator will continue to attempt to identify specific jobs in the bargaining unit as Upward Mobility positions, with target grades usually two grades (or their equivalent) above the trainee level.

3. REVIEW PANELS: Review panels will be established to consider candidates for any Upward Mobility positions identified within the bargaining unit. Review panel members must be a career or career conditional employee of a grade equivalent to, or higher than, the target position, and have knowledge of the position to be filled.

4.  The Upward Mobility Coordinator will monitor the panel review process, directing the members in their evaluation and reconciling the consensus process. The panel will fairly evaluate the quality of the candidates' work experience, training, supervisory appraisals, and other evidence of potential using the evaluation and rating plan designed for Upward Mobility, and rank the candidates.

5.  The Upward Mobility Coordinator will determine the list of the "best qualified" candidates based on the scores awarded by the review panel. The names of the "best qualified" candidates will be placed on a final selection roster in alphabetical order, which will be sent to the selecting official in the operating office where the target position exists.  Final selection will be made by the selecting official after interviewing all the referred candidates.

6.  Upon request, the Department’s Equal Opportunity Employment Office will meet at a mutually agreeable time and place to discuss the Upward Mobility Program.  The Employer will provide the Union an opportunity to negotiate, as appropriate, on any change to the Upward Mobility Program prior to implementation of the change.


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