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b.  An employee has the option of filing a formal complaint under the negotiated grievance procedure or the EEO complaint procedure, but not both.

c.  The Employer agrees to furnish the Union statistical reports concerning discrimination complaints where the Union is the representative of record.

8. Employees who make an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the EEO program shall be recognized for their contribution. This recognition may include an oral commendation, an appropriate letter, an honorary award, or a cash award.

9. UNION REPRESENTATION:  An employee discussing a problem of alleged discrimination with an EEO Counselor, or at any step of the EEO complaint procedure, has the right to be accompanied by a Union representative of the Union’s choice, if he/she so desires.

10. OFFICIAL TIME UNDER THE EEO PROCEDURE: An employee or his/her representative, if the representative is an employee, shall be given a reasonable amount of time to prepare and present a complaint or any subsequent appeal. A complainant and/or the representative shall be given official time to attend any prehearing conference, meeting, hearing, or investigation in connection with an EEO complaint, provided a written complaint has been filed under the EEO complaint procedures.

11. The Union will be given an opportunity to have a representative present at any formal discussions with bargaining unit employees during the EEO process, including those where possible settlements may be made.  This does not include the informal stage.


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