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1.  The performance appraisal system shall incorporate all requirements of Chapter 43 of the Civil Service Reform Act.

2.  The performance appraisal system and the parts that make up the system as applied to bargaining unit employees will permit, to the maximum extent feasible, the accurate evaluation of job performance on the basis of objective criteria, and will be fair, reasonable, equitable and jobrelated. For employees administering this Agreement on a continuing basis, the Employer agrees to give due consideration to the amount of officially approved time a union representative spends in representational duties. Upon request, the Employer agrees to discuss with the representative how this consideration was factored into the performance evaluation. Performance of any duty will only be measured during periods when employees are assigned to those duties, i.e., time used for CFC, EEO, Union representation,  leave, etc. will not count against an employee in his/her evaluation.

3. The Employer is responsible for keeping time and attendance records and for measuring the quantity and quality of work performed by the employees using the most accurate methods available and with the goal of being as fair and objective as possible.  Those methods are a suitable subject for discussion at Regional Union/Management Council meetings and at the National Union/Management Council meeting.

4.  The development of performance standards and critical elements will be established in writing for each unit position and will be provided to the employee within 30 days after the beginning of an appraisal period. They will be consistent with the duties and responsibilities covered in each employee's position description. Employees will be afforded an opportunity to participate in the establishment of performance standards, the identification of critical elements, and may make suggestions about the methods used to measure the quality and quantity of work being done.  Before the date of implementation all employees will be provided a copy of any new performance standards and critical elements.  If the employee feels an element or standard unique to his/her position is unreasonable or unfair, he/she may request a review by the second level supervisor within 10 working days after the performance plan is received.  The decision of the second level supervisor will be final.

5. The Employer will make a reasonable effort to provide employees sufficient work to be rated against each critical element as described by the employee's current work requirements.  In any instance where workload levels are not sufficient for performance to be measured against a standard, a prorata method of rating will be used. The employee will only be rated on an element in instances where the Employer determines the level of work is sufficient to use the prorata method.  An employee who is not assigned sufficient tasks within a critical element during a rating period shall be given a “No Rating” (not a “Fully Successful”) for that element in the evaluation, which will not count against the employee’s overall rating nor be a negative factor in any consideration for an award.

6. In the interest of providing objectivity in appraising performance, an employee should have been working under the evaluation supervisor for at least one hundred twenty (120) days. An interim appraisal report is required when an employee or rating official leaves a position and the period of performance is 120 days or more. If the period covered is less than 120 days, supervisors will consider preparing an interim report to cover any unusual and noteworthy achievements, when such a report is requested by the employee. This does not preclude the supervisor submitting an interim report, at his/her option, on an employee for any reason.  If an employee was detailed to another position for more than 120 days during a rating period, and spent less than 120 days performing the duties of his/her normal position, the employee may elect to be rated for the position to which he/she was detailed.

7. The rating official shall be an individual, with access to all the employee's performance records for that rating period, who has direct knowledge about the employee's performance.


a.  The evaluation given employees by their supervisor shall be objective and shall be prepared in accordance with the following:


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