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(1) The supervisor will discuss the employee's job performance with the employee in private surroundings at least twice during the rating period. One such discussion shall occur before the midpoint of the employee's appraisal cycle.

(2) If the supervisor has identified shortcomings in the employee's performance, the employee shall be notified when the problem is perceived and at the performance discussion. The supervisor will suggest ways for the employee to improve his/her work performance.

(3) The annual performance appraisal will be in written form.

(4) Employees shall be evaluated and receive a copy of the evaluation within thirty (30) calendar days after the end of the appraisal period. The employee has ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the report in which to sign it or request review by the reviewing official.

b.  A decision on whether or not to grant a within grade increase will be based on the most recent rating of record. To be eligible for a WGI, the rating of record must be at least fully successful.

If the supervisor's decision is to deny a WGI and that decision is contrary to the rating of record, the supervisor must comply with the Performance Appraisal Plan. If the final decision is to deny the WGI, the employee will receive written notice to that effect. The employee will also be informed of the right to reconsideration, any grievance/appeal rights and/or representation rights.

9. PROCEDURES FOR IMPLEMENTING CHANGES IN WORK REQUIREMENTS STATEMENTS: The following procedures will be used to implement changes in performance elements or performance standards.

a.  Employees will be given written notice at least one (1) week in advance of the implementation of new elements or standards. In addition, where necessary, supervisors will instruct employees on new methods, procedures etc., which may be required to achieve new standards.

b.  The following time frames are applicable to an individual employee in meeting the revised performance elements or standards.

Regional Agencies

Adjudication:  Automated agencies 3 weeks;

Processing: with the exception of equipment changes, 1 week;

Communications: 1 week;

Cashiering: 1 week.

Washington headquarters

Equipment operators: within 2 weeks;

Clerical employees: 1 week;

- All others not included above: within 2 weeks.

c.  Should an employee not achieve proficiency within the allotted time, the supervisor will verbally counsel the employee. The supervisor may review methods, policies and/or procedures used in performing the assigned work. An additional period of time equal to that originally provided will be granted the employee to meet the revisions. Failure to achieve the revisions after this additional period will invoke the procedures required for an unsatisfactory performance rating.


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