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Recognition of employees through monetary and non-monetary awards reflects the Parties’ efforts to promote continuous improvement in Agency performance in providing quality public service.  

The employee recognition program is an incentive program; that is, employee recognition is based on achievement and improvement.  Strong emphasis is placed on recognition of efforts to improve service to the public.  It is intended to motivate employees to strive for excellence.  It recognizes the accomplishments of employees both as individuals and as members of groups or teams. The intent of this program is that awards are given in a fair and equitable manner, and that employees will be appropriately rewarded regardless of changes in the Employer’s organizational staffing and structure, work processes or work initiatives.


a.  The Employer shall administer a progressive and sound awards program in accordance with OPM regulations.

b.  The Employer and the Union agree to encourage all bargaining unit employees to become knowledgeable about the Awards Program.  The Employer agrees to provide information to all employees so that they understand the benefits to be derived from the program and are encouraged to participate.

c.  Except for Recognition of Performance awards, there is no limit other than limits imposed by law or regulation of appropriate authority on the number of awards that an individual employee may receive or the frequency with which he/she may receive awards.

d.   When employees are considered for awards, the relative significance and impact of their contributions will be considered in determining which type of award would constitute appropriate recognition and, for monetary awards, in determining the amount of money to be granted.  Funding availability must also be considered in the granting of monetary awards.

e. Each employee who receives an award will receive a citation.

f.  The Employer must give full and equal consideration for awards to all employees.

g.  The Employer will allot awards funding as a percentage of total employees’ salaries within each location.

h.Timeframes: Monetary awards will be provided to employees no later than 2 pay periods from the date the award is approved by the appropriate authority.

i.  Extra Mile Award: The minimum amount of an Extra Mile award is $50 and the maximum amount is $100.00

j.  In the event of a decision regarding adoption or non-adoption of a formal suggestion not being made within 120 days of submission, the employee, upon request, will be given a written or oral status report. A reason for rejection of a suggestion will be made in writing by the appropriate authority.  If the idea set forth in a rejected suggestion is later adopted, the employee may bring the matter to the Employer’s attention within the 2-year period after the date of the rejection notice and the case will be reopened for award consideration.

k.  When an employee receives an outstanding performance rating, the employee will be recognized in some manner, in accordance with agency regulations and any applicable changes thereto. Employees who receive an outstanding performance rating will receive at least one QSI, Cash Award, and/or a minimum 8 hour time off award for that perfomance year.  



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