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Employees, Union officials,  and management officials are encouraged to identify and nominate individual employees whom they believe should be recognized for high quality accomplishments or contributions.  Nominations of individual employees should be submitted, in writing, to the appropriate awards manager.  The nominations should include a description of the accomplishments or contributions of the nominee(s) and an explanation of their significance, as well as the name and telephone number of the employee submitting the nomination.  Nominations should not include suggestions for the type of award or the amount of money to be granted.  Information provided in the nominations will be considered in determining appropriate recognition.  Nomination forms will be electronically available to all employees.


a.  Superior Honor Award

b.  Meritorious Honor Award

c.  Passport Services Award

d.  Passport Award of Excellence

e.  Career Achievement Award

f.   Length of Service Award

g.  Cash Award

h.  Franklin Award

i.   Quality Step Increase

j.   Extra Mile Award

k.  Time Off From Duty Award

l.   Suggestion Award

m. Union/Management Cooperation Award

n.  Anti-Fraud Award


At least annually, the Employer will:

a. Publicize the criteria for various awards;

b. Publicize those awards granted to an individual or group on the Passport Services Intranet;

c. Schedule a public presentation of awards;

d. The Union may request a Performance Management and/or Performance Award briefing from the Labor Relations Office each appraisal cycle to keep them abreast of any changes in the program. The Employer will provide the Union with the annual report on the awards program.  This report will show distribution of cash awards and Quality Step Increases by name, grade, amount, and organization for Headquarters, Regions and agencies;and

e. Post on the Passport Services Intranet a description and the criteria for each award.  Each office will also maintain a printed version of this information.


a.  The National Passport Services Union/Management Council will grant the Union/Management Cooperation Award to the winning Region or employee(s).  This is an honorary award given annually by the National Union/Management Council to one or more bargaining unit employee(s), Manager(s), or Union Representative(s) who have demonstrated outstanding personal commitment to the promotion of partnership and cooperation between labor and management.  Nominations for this award may be submitted by employee(s), the Union, supervisors, or groups.

b.  Either party to a regional Union/Management Council may initiate discussions on the awards program, with the intent of identifying any apparent inconsistencies and developing practices and policies to improve the program.  This may include obtaining reactions from employees, supervisors, or managers, and discussions on new procedures.


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