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c.  Except for a temporary change initiated by an employee and agreed to by his/her supervisor, starting and stopping times must be the same for each workday (except for the 8 hour workday in the 5/4-9 Compressed Work Schedule, which would have starting and stopping times at fixed times within those set for the 9 hour workdays) and must remain the same until a written request for a change is approved by the Regional Director or designee.

d.  Employees who withdraw from one of the Flexitour or other Alternate Work Schedule Plans may do so at any time by giving two weeks written notice to the Regional Director or his/her designee.

e. The Employer agrees to attempt to accommodate requests for change in Flexitour or other Alternate Work Schedules at any time where the request is motivated by unforseeable circumstances in an employee's personal life, such as loss of a car pool, illness in the family, etc., provided such a change does not interfere with the accomplishment of the Agency’s mission.


a.  The following requirements represent the limitations within which the individual Passport Agencies and other Passport Services offices will establish their Flexitour and other Alternate Work Schedule Plans. These requirements apply to all bargaining unit employees:  

(1) A lunch period (minimum of 30 minutes) must be incorporated into the workday. This lunch period may not be taken at the beginning or the end of the core time;

(2)  Each employee is allowed a 15 minute break during every 4 hours worked.  Employees may schedule break periods with lunch/dinner periods with the approval of the first line supervisor;

(3) A full time employee must account for 80 hours per pay period including actual hours worked, leave taken, and paid holidays;

(4) Supervisors continue to be held responsible for the time, attendance, and productivity of employees under their supervision. Employees participating in the programs are expected to maintain the productivity standards they achieved during regular hours of operation.

(5) Those employees who are not authorized, or elect not to work a Flexitour or other Alternate Work Schedule, shall continue to work their present hours.

b.  Each location will maintain the status quo unless the Union/Management Council at each location sets the following:

(1) The earliest and the latest time an employee may work;

(2) The lunch period; and

(3) The core time (that time during which each employee must be present for work).


a. Flexitour Schedule:  With a flexitour arrangement, an employee is allowed to select starting and stopping times within the flexible hours.  Once a Flexitour schedule is established, the hours are fixed until the employee makes a written request during a time period specified by a local office policy developed by Union/Management Councils at each location.

b. Compressed Work Schedule:  Compressed Work Schedules (CWS) are always fixed work schedules.  CWS are arranged to enable a full-time employee to complete the basic 80 hour biweekly work requirement in less than 10 workdays.  Employees may work a greater number of hours when overtime is authorized, including working on their normally scheduled day off.  

(1) The four day workweek and the 5/4-9 compressed plan are the two types of Compressed Work Schedules available in the Department of State.  


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