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a.  The earning of annual leave, as provided by applicable law, is a right; however, the use of annual leave is granted subject to the needs of the Employer.

b.  The Employer has the primary responsibility for sched­uling and approving leave.  It is the responsibility of supervisors and employees to consult so that leave may be scheduled fairly and equitably and to avoid forfeiture of annual leave. Employees are encouraged to schedule at least two (2) weeks (not necessarily consecutive) of available annual leave every year in order to allow for rest and recrea­tion away from the worksite.  This leave should be requested as early in the year as possible so supervisors can set the schedule.  This does not prevent employees from requesting leave at other times of the year.

c.  Except when such a practice would interfere with the mission, the Employer will schedule work assignments and annual leave so that each employee who desires and who has sufficient leave may take a vacation. Reasonable efforts consistent with the needs of the Employer and equity to other employees will be made to satisfy the desires of employees with respect to requests for more than two consecutive weeks. When annual leave has been scheduled and approved, an employee shall not be required to change

the date of leave except when required by an emergency.

d.  Employees shall state in advance the desired times for annual leave. If several employees desire the same day or time for leave, and they cannot reach agreement to resolve the conflict, leave for that period shall be granted to the employee with the most seniority based on service computation date. However, this rule shall not allow the senior employee to take leave during the same two month period more than two (2) years in succession if other employees, of less seniority, who have requested leave during the same period, would be denied leave at that time.

e.  Requests for annual leave for emergency or unforeseen reasons will be considered on an individual basis. How­ever, the approval of leave cannot be presumed by an em­ployee. In an emergency which could not be anticipated in advance, the employee must contact his/her supervisor or thesupervisor's

designated representative, either person­ally or by phone, as early as possible, but normally within two hours

after the start of his/her shift on the first day of absence and request the use of annual leave. In cases

where the employee's record establishes a pattern of leave usage, failure to obtain the supervisor's permission may result in an employee's absence being charged to absence without leave (AWOL) and disciplinary or other administrative action taken as the circumstances may warrant.

f.  The Parties recognize that it is in the employee's best interest to maintain a reasonable balance of annual leave for emergency purposes; however, no employee shall be required to maintain a minimum annual leave balance.

g.  Forfeited annual leave which had been scheduled and approved in advance shall be restored to the employee if he/she is unable to use the leave prior to the end of the leave year because of exigencies of the public business, sickness of the employee during scheduled annual leave, or administrative error. This section will not apply in cases where leave is forfeited due to operation of Section 1d of this Article.

The parties recognize that decisions on whether exigencies exist which preclude the use of scheduled and approved annual leave are made at a level beyond Passport Services, Bureau of Consular Affairs. Grievances over a refusal to restore leave in such cases will go immediately to arbitration under Article 22.


a.  Sick leave shall be granted to employees for any of the following reasons:


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