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(1) When the employee is incapacitated for the performance of duty by physical or mental illness, injury, pregnancy, or childbirth;

(2) For medical, dental, or optical examination or treatment;

(3) When the health authorities having jurisdiction or a health care provider determines that the employee would jeopardize the health of others by his or her presence on the job because of exposure to a communicable disease; or

(4) Any other reason listed in 5 CFR 630.401(a).

b.  An employee who is absent because of illness will notify the appropriate supervisor as early as practicable on the first day of the illness, normally within two (2) hours after the employee is scheduled to report to work, and keep the supervisor advised regularly as to when the employee expects to return to duty.  It is understood that in extenuating circumstances, an emergency situation may preclude an employee from this reporting requirement.  Consideration will be given to an employee if the nature of the illness precludes such personal notification.

c.  Requests for sick leave for medical, dental or optical examinations or treatment will be submitted for approval prior to the beginning of leave. Where practical, these appointments would be scheduled early or late in the workday to minimize the amount of leave required.

d.  Employees shall not be required to furnish a medical certificate to substantiate requests for approval of sick leave unless:

-  an absence exceeds three (3) work days; or

-  the employee has been placed on leave restriction; or

 when the employee has established an unusual and questionable pattern of sick leave usage, or where there is reasonable doubt as to the validity of the claim to such leave. Failure of the employee to submit an acceptable medical certificate or to provide an acceptable reason for the lack of one may result in the absence being charged to AWOL and appropriate disciplinary action initiated.

e.  Sick leave in excess of three (3) work days must be supported by medical certificate, a statement from the employee acceptable to the supervisor, or other evidence acceptable to the supervisor.

f.  Subject to law and regulations, when required by the exigencies of the situation, sick leave may be advanced for serious disability or ailment, or for purposes relating to the adoption of a child.  A maximum of thirty (30) days sick leave may be advanced under these circumstances.  Applications for advanced sick leave must be supported by a medical certificate signed by a physician or practitioner. Advance of sick leave is contingent upon the reasonable expectation that the employee will return to work upon recovery.


a.  The Parties agree to comply with the provisions of the Family Friendly Leave Act (PL 103-88, as amended), which allows the use up to 13 days of sick leave each year for the following:

-   to provide care for a family member who is incapacitated by a medical or mental condition or attend to a family member receiving medical, dental, or optical examination or treatment; or

-   to make arrangements necessitated by the death of a family member or attend the funeral of a family member.

This Act also allows a total of 12 weeks (including the 13 days above) to care for a family member with a serious health condition.


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