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much advanced notice of military duty as possible.

5.  ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE OR EXCUSED ABSENCE: Administrative leave shall be granted to employees for participation in such civic activities as blood donations, Federally recognized civil defense drills (not to exceed 40 hours in any calendar year), and voting. Administrative leave also shall be granted to employees for attendance at conferences and conventions when it is determined that attendance will serve the best interest of the Federal Service. Administrative leave may also be granted when the activity shuts down due to circumstances beyond the agency's control for a short period of time. Instances involving a threat or potential threat to safety and health, such as civil unrest or riots, along with snow storms, floods, lack of heat or electricity and similar events are examples of situations when this type of leave may be appropriate. In addition, administrative leave shall be granted for labor relations training in accordance with Article 11 of this agreement.

6.  HOLIDAYS: Employees shall be granted all holidays given to Federal employees by statute and shall also receive holidays granted through Executive Order. If the holiday falls on a nonworkday, the holiday will be observed according to the provisions of 3 FAM 2336.2.

7.  LEAVE WITHOUT PAY: Employees who do not have leave to their credit and wish to take leave for emergencies or other necessities may request leave without pay. Eligibility for leave without pay is not dependent on a specific length of service, and may be authorized whether or not the employee has annual leave to his credit. Advanced sick leave or advanced annual leave will be considered in accordance with OPM regulations. Leave without pay shall be granted upon request to disabled veterans needing medical treatment, and to reservists and National Guard personnel for military training duties officially ordered by the reservist's unit and for which military leave is not available. Leave without pay may also be granted on an extended basis for educational purposes, while awaiting action on a retirement or Official Workers Compensation (OWCP) claim, while serving as an officer or representative of the Union, and for other reasons.

8.  COURT LEAVE:  In every instance the Employer will allow the employee to fulfill the citizenship duties of jury duty, and to serve as a witness for the Federal, state or local government.

9.  LEAVE USAGE:  Leave usage shall be charged in increments of fifteen (15) minutes.

10.  TARDINESS:  Supervisors shall have the option to excuse infrequent absences and tardiness of less than an hour on the part of individual employees. Each case shall be considered on its merits and no employee shall receive disparate treatment in excusing such tardiness.

11. SICK LEAVE RESTRICTION: Leave restriction is a non disciplinary action designed to assist the employee to overcome his/her inability to manage leave. In this regard, the employer will make every effort to assist employees who have established a pattern of leave misuse/abuse.

When a supervisor determines that an employee has established a leave pattern that indicates possible misuse or abuse, the supervisor will counsel the employee and assist him/her in developing methods for reducing leave usage. It is understood that no single leave usage will be controlling in establishing or supporting continuation of a pattern(s) of alleged leave abuse. In addition, the supervisor will notify the employee verbally and in writing and when appropriate, establish a date for expected improvement. If the employee fails to improve, the supervisor will request the issuance of a letter of leave restriction. Noncompliance with the letter of leave restriction may result in disciplinary action.

Leave restriction will be imposed for a period of six months with a supervisory review after three months. If there is significant improvement the employee may be removed from leave restriction and he/she will be notified in writing. Continued abuse, however, will result in a recommendation for disciplinary action.

All sick leave for medical appointments, regardless of the amount requested, must be requested by submitting a completed SF71, Application for Leave, at least two (2) full workdays in advance and fully explain the need for leave. When it is not possible to request two (2) days in advance, the supervisor will fully consider the circumstances of the particular case before making a decision on the request.


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