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12. UNPLANNED ANNUAL LEAVE ABUSE: Where the Employer has determined that employees are abusing the practice of calling in to report, that for personal reasons they are unable to report to work, or report timely, or where a pattern of either of these exists, the Employer will inform the employee that future requests for unscheduled annual leave may be denied and AWOL charged.

13. LEAVE TRANSFER:  Subject to law and regulations, an employee who has a medical emergency, i.e. medical emergency of employee or family member or other hardship situation that is likely to require an employee's absence from duty for a prolonged period of time and to result in a substantial loss of income to the employee because of the unavailability of paid leave, may apply to become a leave recipient for the transfer of unused accrued annual leave from donating employees. The absence from duty without available leave because of the medical emergency must be or must be expected to be at least ten (10) workdays or longer.

Application forms to become a leave recipient or a leave donor shall be made available through request to supervisory personnel. A donor projected to lose annual leave at the end of the leave year may donate no more than the number of hours actually remaining in the leave year. Donors may make donations as often as they wish within the limits set forth in the regulations. When documentation exists reflecting that an employee has abused or made inappropriate use of leave and loss of income can be attributed in whole or in part to low leave balances as a result thereof, the application may be denied.

Management shall use memoranda, notices or other means to inform colleagues of the needs of an approved leave recipient. How widely the information is made known will depend on the estimated needs. Information circulated about a leave recipient should be limited to a brief, tasteful description of the employee's emergency situation and an estimate of the number of hours of leave which will be needed. The recipient’s name may not be used in such publicity unless he/she has requested that it be used. A potential donor responding to publicity must be given the name however, since donations must be designated for a specific employee.

Management Officials administering the program shall do so fairly and equitably.

No employee or management official may intimidate, threaten, or coerce any other employee or management official with respect to donating, receiving or using annual leave.

Information concerning individual leave recipients and donors is not to be released to anyone who does not require it for the purposes of administering the leave transfer program.

14. OFFICE CLOSINGS:  At all times employees are to presume that their office will be open, as scheduled. When appropriate Federal officials make decisions to close the Federal establishments within their jurisdiction, employees not required to be at their assigned work station or site or at another designated location, may be granted administrative leave or excused absence. The Employer will make reasonable efforts to notify employees how to be informed of an office closing, for example, which radio station or TV channel will carry an announcement of office closing. When office closings exceed one workday, the Employer may further excuse employees consistent with applicable laws, rules and regulations. The Employer agrees to make a reasonable and responsible effort to monitor any ongoing threat to the safety and security of the employees during the work hours, and to keep them informed of the situation as it changes (e.g., during poor weather or civil unrest).

15. Subject to normal scheduling provisions and the requirements of Article 11, leave may be granted to Union representatives to attend Union conventions and conferences. Management agrees to place a priority on such leave requests.


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